Lighting As A Service

Access the latest lighting technology without buying it

How It Works 

Lighting as a service is a new way to manage your facilities lighting. Instead of a large upfront cost for lighting, this new program allows you to pay a monthly OpEx payment that covers your: installation, repairs, monitoring, and ongoing service. In addition we ensure that the technology works through the entire contract term.

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New Lighting

New lighting can make your store more efficient, more productive, and more beautiful.

No Out of Pocket Expense

Until now, upgrading your lights also meant spending your time, upfront capital investment, and a whole lot of complication.

Lighting As A Service

Lighting as a Service solves this problem, giving you the benefits of new energy efficient lighting that pays for the product, installation and on-going service. A full turn-key process with no out of pocket expense.

How does the technology
subscription reduce my costs?

You'll see energy cost and maintenance savings. You can also expect tax advantages from your technology subscription operating expense payment.*

Example: A lighting and controls project worth $1,000,000 with a 5-year agreement.

What Customers Are Saying 

“Action Services Group's unique Lighting as a Service program is a great option for True Value store owners, giving them a new and simpler way to get high quality lighting in their aisles without any upfront costs or hassle.”

- Joy Robinson, True Value Company