Our Approach

At the heart of everything we do is , our enterprise management system which serves as our focal point for connecting people, processes and technology. This interactive software, designed to manage all customer programs, also serves as a repository for customer location lighting component data.

We partner with you, and our Account Directors serve as a single point of contact to provide effective programs to meet your lighting, signage, electrical and project management needs. By communicating on a regular basis our Account Directors help you get your jobs done by understanding exactly what you are trying to accomplish while providing multiple cost-effective alternative solutions.

We provide a full set of project management services to simplify the selection, purchasing, installation and rebate processes. This "Turn-Key" solution is designed to allow you to focus on your core business activities, without the distraction of managing a lighting upgrade at the same time.

Dedicated Operational Managers supervise daily customer-specific operations, serving as the direct point-of-contact at the facility level, responsible for communications with you or your Facility Manager to solve problems and provide updated status. We make sure our deliverables are met.

Interior & Exterior Services Available

On-demand Service

On-Demand Service

When a lighting, signage or electrical repair is needed our technicians or electricians will be at your facility within your required time frame.

Scheduled Maintenance | Action Services Group

Scheduled Maintenance

At agreed upon intervals, our technicians or electricians will visit your facility on a pre-determined schedule.

Project Management | Action Services Group

Project Management

A single-source "Turn-Key" approach to LED Lighting retrofits. We utilize the expertise of multiple partners to support our customers' complex product, installation and incentive objectives across diverse facility types and locations.

  • A Mid-Atlantic Managed Real Estate Company Customer of Action Services Group
  • A Mid-Atlantic Managed Real Estate Company Customer of Action Services Group

Our Customers

The Challenge: A Mid-Atlantic managed real estate company needed a turn-key solution to reduce both energy and maintenance costs while improving the security profile for their parking lots.

The Solution: Action Services Group, working with the Customer and our strategic partner – Stouch Lighting, selected LED parking lot lighting to replace 400W HPS lighting and 150W building flood lights.

The Results: The Customer’s goals were met in a cost-effective manner, reducing annual energy costs by 68%. We replaced the 400W HPS parking lot lighting with 162W LED fixtures and the 150W building flood lights to 39W LED fixtures. This project resulted in 68% energy savings, and $1481.00 in annual maintenance savings.

  • A Mid-West Supermarket Chain Customer | Action Services Group
  • A Mid-West Supermarket Chain Customer | Action Services Group

The Challenge: A Mid-West supermarket chain, operating 184 stores in three states, needed to replace their existing interior lighting provider in an expeditious manner in an effort to not miss the monthly lighting service schedule for the supermarkets.

The Solution: Action Services Group with its locally based technician database was uniquely positioned to accomplish this objective.

The Results: Working with the Customer, we designed, implemented and executed a monthly interior scheduled maintenance program with technician’s being onsite for all locations within a four week period. Additionally, the same technician services each location to ensure a confident relationship with store management.

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