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Action Services Group offers a "One Call - Multiple Services" capability that improves our customers operating efficiencies.

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We are committed to partnering with our customers to extend your ability to manage your lighting, signage, and electrical maintenance needs. We will plan, execute, and monitor your programs in a seamless, cost- effective manner. With a database of locally-based experienced technicians and electricians, proven program and project management experience; we provide you with the ability to get more accomplished with your time and budget.

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LED Lighting - Action Services Group


Our lighting service solutions will ensure your existing lighting system is continuously doing its job at the lowest maintenance cost. How can we help>>

LED Retrofit - Action Services Group

LED Retrofit

The prospect of upgrading to LED lighting can be a daunting one. We can navigate you through the process and provide value for every dollar spent. How can we help>>

Signage - Action Services Group


A customer’s first exposure to your brand is your sign. We understand its importance and provide a range of sign maintenance services as well as LED retrofits. How can we help>>

Electrical - Action Services Group


We fix your low voltage to high voltage electrical problems before they escalate into larger ones. How can we help>>

  • A national General Merchandise Chain - Before Action Services Group's Work


  • A national General Merchandise Chain - After Action Services Group's Work


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  • After_Final.png


Our Customer

The Challenge: A National general-merchandise chain, operating 12,000+ stores in all 50 states, needed a solution to reduce both energy and maintenance costs while improving current light levels on the sales floor.

The Solution: Action Services Group, working with the Customer, has developed a linear and HID LED retrofit program. Implementing a full turn-key approach we provided a one to one HID fixture replacement and a one to one linear lamp replacement with LED to minimize installation costs.

The Results: A reduction in their energy consumption by more than 52% with total annual savings exceeding $7,400 for a single location, and only a 21 month ROI. A 5 and 7 year warranty eliminated their lighting maintenance costs.