ServicePointSM Solutions

The Key to the Benefits of Our
Data-Driven Service Approach

At the heart of all our lighting, sign and electrical maintenance services is our unique enterprise management system, ServicePoint Solutions. ServicePoint Solutions is our web-based, proprietary management system designed to reduce customer maintenance costs while improving service performance.

As a repository for site lighting, sign and electrical component asset-data at a customer's locations, ServicePoint Solutions serves as the focal point for managing all lighting, sign and electrical service calls and service programs, lighting and sign LED retrofits, and relamping programs. With its database of captured site location asset data, it forms the basis for a historical record involving future service to a particular location site.

As a result, our customers can continually experience benefits like these:

  • Elimination of return-service trip charges -- guaranteed!
  • Management of product warranties that reduce product replacement costs
  • Intelligent, proactive recommendations for relamping or LED lighting retrofit opportunities that can save substantial energy costs
  • System validation of service time at sites so you only pay for service time on the call
  • Faster outage correction
  • Better management of lighting, sign and electrical maintenance budgets and
    planning using customized management reports based on solid data
  • Documented customer-satisfaction surveys at site-levels on every service call
  • And more...


servicepoint solutions

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