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Advantages Of A Turnkey LED Lighting Solution

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When people talk about a turnkey lighting solution, what they are talking about is a complex business practice. It is an attitude that influences not only the sale of an LED lighting or retrofit services but its prevailing culture and its approach to the customer experience. It helps shape the company behind it. That is the main reason we are talking about a full-service package. That requires tailoring for each customer. The package should include an understanding of the customers’ goals, help in selecting the right product, rebate management, and much more. That is why you need a full review of everything that should be included in a turnkey LED solution.

In Advantages Of A Turnkey LED Lighting Solution, you will learn:

  • About ‘blueprints’ for your solution
  • What a turnkey LED lighting solution should entail
    • Account Manager
    • Customer Goals
    • Location Analysis
    • Product Selection
    • Rebate Management
    • Installation
    • Warranty Management
  • What to look for in a LED service company

Looking for a turnkey LED service company isn’t always an easy decision. A desirable LED service company should show integrity, follow-through, accountability, and a high level of customer service. You are not looking for a straight off the conveyor belt solution. You need to look for a solution that encourages the development and growth of your company culture.

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