3 Tips for Choosing Product for Your LED Lighting Solution

So, you’re considering an LED retrofit for your facility, that’s a smart move. When evaluating the conversion, there are really three essential factors to closely examine in our latest LED Lighting Guide. What is the lighting performance? How much in energy will you save by installing LED’s? Finally, how much will you save in maintenance expense? No matter what your lighting application is, prioritizing these three factors will lead to the appropriate LED lighting solution. Let’s examine each one of these factors more critically below:

LED Lighting Guide: 3 Key Factors

Lighting Performance

When we make reference to lighting performance we are talking about “functionality” of your lighting in your facility. Lighting performance encompasses questions like:

  1. Are your light levels sufficient for your facility?
  2. Do you have the right color temperature for your space?
  3. Do your patrons feel safe when they are at your facility?

Energy Savings

As any business owner or facilities manager knows, energy is a huge cost driver of monthly expenses. Finding creative ways to reduce these expenses can drastically enhance the profitability of any organization regardless of the size. LED lights have the potential to save your organization 40% to 60% on your utility bill after a typical LED conversion.

Maintenance Savings

Finally, maintenance expenses while tangible, tend to be a “less visible” cost for organizations and facilities. These costs are harder to predict and tend to be variable depending on the scope of the problem and the size of the facility.

Often times parking area lights are mounted in excess of 20-40 feet in the air, so maintaining these lights becomes a difficult proposition for in-house maintenance staff. Usually a third-party vendor with access to bucket trucks will be called to fix these lights. Now, depending on the size of your facility these costs can be very expensive and add up over time.

Priority Process Example

For example, let’s say your first priority is lighting performance, second priority maintenance savings, and your third is energy savings. Since performance is your first priority you should be analyzing the lumens per watt that will meet the performance requirements. With your second priority being maintenance savings look for the manufacturer’s warranty. You may be able to get a 10-year warranty. Now you are left with the energy savings and that may vary greatly since the LED has specific performance requirements. Because of that priority, you may find that the higher lumens per watt will consume more energy.

LED Lighting Solutions

So below are a few tangible strategies and tactics to take when evaluating an LED lighting organization to deal with:

  1. Numerous Product Options: First and foremost be sure the supplier you are considering can provide you with a wide variety of quality product options from reliable manufacturers and the product has the proper testing.
  2. Solution Based Business Model: The supplier should have a solution-based business model versus a product-based business model. Often suppliers are limited to representing only a few specific LED manufacturers. This can limit your options and a wide variety of options is critical once you have decided your priorities.


In conclusion, if you have any questions about an LED retrofit, reach out here are Action Services Group. We would be happy to discuss your priorities with you and come up with a solution based led retrofit for your organization.

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