4 Reasons Decision Makers Like to Partner with Action Services Group for a Turn Key Lighting Retrofit

Turn-Key lighting retrofit technology is changing the game for organizations around the world. These lights are helping companies reduce maintenance expenses, decrease utility bills, and increase lighting performance. However, finding a lighting solution partner to work with can be a difficult task for any organization. Do you use a lighting distributor, a general contractor or a solution-based LED lighting company? In today’s post we’ll look at 4 compelling reasons to work with Action Services Group for your next LED lighting retrofit so let’s get started.

Setting Priorities for your Turn-Key Lighting Retrofit

A company like Action Services Group can help you better understand and set your lighting priorities. As mentioned above a typical LED lighting retrofit can help your organization in three ways and deciding the priorities for your organization should be based on the following:

  • Decreasing maintenance expense
  • Increasing the overall lighting performance
  • Reducing energy costs

A solution-based LED lighting company can help you build a project plan that focuses around achieving your main goal. Each of these above-mentioned priorities will dictate a unique approach to the lighting retrofit that your partner can help in guiding you through the process.

Specifying The Right Turn-Key Lighting Retrofit Products

Once your organization has determined the key priority for the lighting retrofit, the next step is specifying the right product. This is where a “product-neutral” led lighting partner can add tremendous value. A typical LED lighting distributor will carry a “handful” of led lighting products, and they will guide the customer to one of these products. This is a product-based sales approach because of the limitation of products they may represent. In contrast, a “product-neutral” lighting partner isn’t tied to a couple of manufacturers. Instead, they can find the best product for your particular application and needs. This flexibility ensures that the end customer is getting the best product to achieve their number one priority – whatever that might be.

Single Point of Contact

Another key differentiator of working with a LED Lighting Solutions Partner is the fact that they are going to handle the project “soup-to-nuts”. They will be your single point of contact for: product recommendation, product purchasing, delivery, installation, and overall project management. Having a sole contact to manage the turn-key lighting retrofit alleviates many of the hassles of working with lighting distributors, contractors and managing the logistics of delivery and installation. In addition, an LED Lighting partner will often have specific software and process in place to give you real-time updates on the project’s progress and customized reporting. Specifically, Action Services Group uses an application called ServicePoint Solutions to help its customers stay informed and on track.

Track Record of Success

Finally, a LED Lighting partner is going to have a track record of success. Often times they will have hundreds of successful projects completed that you can reference before you decide on the right partner to go with. Having the ability to reference these clients, ask them about their experience and see the results of the project will help to build confidence before moving forward.


In conclusion, each project and each customer are unique. However, it’s important to specify your goals and objectives upfront. Once your priorities are clear, interview and evaluate different partners. If you have questions about your next LED lighting retrofit reach out to us here at Action Services Group, we would be happy to speak with you about your lighting goals and objectives. Contact Action Services Group by calling 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or schedule a call.

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“Action Services Group is a great partner that provided a turn-key solution to my LED cooler door retrofitting projects. They are involved in all aspects of the process from providing a return on investment analysis, implementing retrofits and processing rebates.” Director of Facilities – Regional Supermarket