5 Lighting Environments where LED’s Have the Greatest Financial Impact

Energy-efficient lighting companies along with light-emitting diode (LED) technology have been shifting the lighting landscape for over 10 years. LED drastically reduces energy consumption, decrease maintenance costs, and increase the overall lighting performance in a given space. With that said, many companies are asking, what are the top locations to retrofit for the fastest ROI? There are 5 specific applications or spaces, where hiring an energy-efficient lighting company really makes sense for a great ROI.

Where an Energy Efficient Lighting Company and LED’s Can Make the Most Difference

High Burn Time Scenarios

For organizations that have their lights on for extended periods of time (warehouses, machine shops, etc..), installing LED lights by hiring an energy-efficient lighting company makes great economic sense.

The reasons being:

  • LED lights require less maintenance than metal halide
  • The useful life for LED’s is significantly longer than their HID counterparts
  • The LED is the perfect lighting application for lamps that run for long periods of time.

See how this commercial warehouse drastically reduced their energy costs with an LED retrofit to their high burn time lamps.

Applications Utilizing MR16 Lamps

It is still very common to see the MR16 lamps installed in buildings and facilities around the country. However, facilities utilizing the MR16 could be drastically improved with an LED retrofit by an energy efficient lighting company.

Some negative attributes of the MR16 lamps are:

  • High heat output,
  • Very energy inefficient
  • Short rated life (from an hour’s perspective)

All of these issues can be mitigated with LED lamps. This is primarily due to the way that LED generate and distribute their light. Instead of consuming a fuel source, LED’s generate light via a semiconductor which makes them more energy-efficient and dramatically extends their useful life.

Facilities with Parking Garages

Facilities with parking garages will also see a significant return on investment by having an energy-efficient lighting company install LED’s.

Non-LED parking garages lamps have some issues:

  • Typical parking garage lights have a high burn time
  • Maintaining these lights can be challenging as vehicles are constantly traveling in and out of the space
  • Finding downtime to perform maintenance can be difficult

By installing LED’s you decrease the maintenance burden on existing staff and you extend the useful life of the lamps. Over time these maintenance savings will really add up for your organization.

Want to learn more about parking garage applications and the cost savings associated with retrofitting them? Check out our Lighting and LED Product Education Center!

Warehouse Lighting

Building managers overseeing a warehouse will also see tangible benefits from an LED retrofit conducted by an energy-efficient lighting company.

Warehouses are unique:

  • They generally receive very little natural light
  • they have large surface areas that need to be illuminated
  • maintenance can be difficult because of the lamp height

LED’s in this environment will help minimize productivity loss due to maintenance downtime, reduce energy consumption, while simultaneously increasing the overall lighting performance in the space below.

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Outdoor Parking Lot Lighting

You have probably heard this one before. Or are experiencing it as we speak.

Parking lot lights all have these things in common:

  • Typically pole-mounted in excess of 15 feet in the air
  • maintaining this lighting necessitates a bucket truck
  • parking lot lighting usually employs high-pressure sodium lamps or metal halide lighting, both of which are extremely inefficient

For building managers responsible for outdoor parking lot lighting LED’s installed by an energy-efficient lighting company will help reduce maintenance cost and will drastically reduce energy consumption.

Looking to see How Much Money you can save with an LED parking lot retrofit? Check out this article on the Financial Benefits of Converting Parking Lot Lighting to LED. There are 2 free downloadable financial analysis tools.

Hiring an Energy Efficient Lighting Company

LED lights will help in most lighting situations, specifically concerning:

  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Minimizing energy consumption
  • Increasing lighting performance

However, in the above mentioned 5 scenarios, you will see an accelerated return on investment. To learn more about an LED retrofit for your organization reach out to us here at Action Service Group. We look forward to working with you. Call 800-223-0982 or email info@actionservicesgroup.com.

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