A Before and After Comparison of an LED Parking Lot Retrofit – Where Illumination and Safety Go Hand-in-hand

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Before The LED Parking Lot Retrofit

Too often LED parking lot retrofit product decisions are driven by energy savings and price with little consideration being paid to lighting performance and safety. Before this national retail chain retrofitted their exterior lighting to LED, their parking lot was illuminated with five (5) 175-watt wall packs and three (3) 400-watt parking lot fixtures, which produced less than one (1) average foot-candle of illumination. Non-LED exterior lighting can degrade, causing discoloration and uneven distribution of visible light, that can leave shadowy unlit areas.


The Challenge

The challenge was to better illuminate the storefront, parking area, and entrance, providing a safe and well-lit area for employees and customers.


After the Exterior LED Parking Lot Retrofit

Action Services Group replaced the existing lighting with five (5) 57-watt LED forward throw wall packs, and three (3) 150-watt parking area lights. The lighting performance results were an improvement from less than 1 average foot candle to a 3.03 average foot candles.


Added Bonus

The customer reduced their energy consumption by more than 60%, and had a 20-month ROI. Action Services Group provides a full turn-key LED lighting retrofit solution, and helps you select the right product to meet your priorities for a successful retrofit. Call 610-558-9773 or email [email protected] or schedule a call to discuss your Turn-Key LED Retrofit options.


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