A Guide to IAQ in Our Homes | US EPA

In July, the EPA released a guide to indoor air quality or IAQ for our homes.  We all face day-to-day risks as we navigate our lives. Simple things like driving, flying or playing a backyard game of football all have inherent risks. But we take the necessary precautions, like wearing your seatbelt and go about our daily lives. With the latest guide form the EPA, we can now discern our indoor air quality risks and take a few precautions to mitigate the associated risk 

Did you know that indoor air pollution is the 4th highest risk factor leading to premature deaths in the world? You can lean more here.  

In this latest IAQ study from the EPA, it states that while the pollutant levels from individual sources may not pose a significant health risk by themselves, combined these sources can pose a serious health risk. The study lists these potential pollutant sources: 

  • oil 
  • gas 
  • kerosene 
  • coal 
  • wood 
  • tobacco products 
  • building materials and furnishings as diverse as deteriorated, asbestos-containing insulation, wet or damp carpet and cabinetry or furniture made of certain pressed wood products 
  • products for household cleaning and maintenance, personal care or hobbies 
  • central heating and cooling systems and humidification devices 
  • outdoor sources such as radon, pesticides and outdoor air pollution 

As well as these biological contaminants: 

  • bacteria 
  • molds 
  • mildew
  • viruses 
  • animal dander and cat saliva 
  • house dust mites 
  • cockroaches 
  • pollen 

But not to worry, the guide also shares basic controls for filtering out these indoor air pollutants.  

To read the full guide and find out how you can filter our indoor air pollutants in your home, click here 

The full guide was published on July 1 by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.   

This was put out July 1st 2021. https://www.epa.gov/indoor-air-quality-iaq/inside-story-guide-indoor-air-quality This is really long, but do a rundown of everything in the article. 

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