A New App Lets You Change The Colors of The Philly Skyline

Philadelphia is known for the iconic skyline seen in movies and television. Recently they upgraded these lights to LEDs, cutting on costs and making it look that much better when viewed at night. This new upgrade comes with some fun for city residents. One Liberty Place is offering residents a chance to control the lighting display themselves! 

The new LED display, made up of 72 sections that are 20 feet each, have  a solar on and off switch, making it turn on and off at dusk and dawn. A  new app called My Liberty Lights lets regular people  schedule a 5  minute interval for which they choose custom colors and animations. It  even sends you a reminder of when your display is  about to start so you  won’t miss it. 

This not only brings residences together but allow citizens to put their  own personal touch on the city lights they get to look at every night. Not  only that but, One Liberty has a LEED-Gold certification and Energy Star  rating, and replacing all the lighting with LED helped further that goal. 

Click here to read the full article posted on August 19th, 2021 on Billy Penn and find out how you can control the Philly Skyline! 

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