Action Services Group Launches A National Distribution and Installation Partnership with Erlab for the HALO Smart P Air Purification System

Action Services Group has announced their new partnership with Erlab, the creators of the Halo Smart P Air Purification System. With over 50 years of experience, Erlab is the international leading supplier of laboratory filtration technology. In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, Erlab has reaffirmed their core mission of offering the highest level of safety for all, by redesigning their laboratory grade air filtration system for wide-spread commercial use.  

Action Services Group having been a national provider of lighting, electrical,  signage, LED retrofits and workplace safety products, services, installation, and project  management for 30 years. With resource partners across the United States, Action  Services Group is in a unique position of having one of the largest databases of certified  electricians on a national level.  

This partnership will offer consumers a one-stop-shop for all of their air purification  needs.  

Click here to read more about our newest partnershiparticle posted on February 22nd 2021 on 69 News. 

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