Action Services Group Launches A National Partnership with Erlab

Organizations Now Have Access to a Complete Air Treatment System with Installation for Room Level Mitigation on a National Level. ASTON, PA. (Originally Released February 22, 2021, on PRNewswire-PRWeb) – As the world heads toward a post-pandemic life, healthy buildings, indoor air quality, and mitigation strategies are becoming increasingly more important in everyone’s minds. Action Services Group has entered into a new partnership with Erlab, the creators of the Halo Smart P Air Purification System to help with the indoor air quality demand in the country. We are excited to help bring Halo Air Purification to a national level. Erlab has over 50 years of experience and is the leading international supplier of laboratory filtration technology. By redesigning their laboratory-grade air filtration system for wide-spread commercial use, Erlab’s response to this global pandemic helped reaffirm their core mission of offering the highest level of safety for all. The new Halo Smart P air purification system can trap viruses, bacteria, allergens, and all dust and particle matter at the source permanently in a high-efficiency laboratory-grade HEPA H14 filter with multiple layers of bonded glass microfibers. “The Halo Smart P air filtration system ensures ultra-low particle penetration and can achieve a pollution-free air filtration efficiency of 99.995%, which is between 10 and 1000 times more powerful than any other air purifiers on the market,” shared Jesse Coiro, Director of Growth and Strategic Initiatives at Erlab.

While Looking for a Single Project Installer They Instead Found A Partner

In mid-July 2020, while looking for a single project installer for a New York business in desperate need of the Halo Smart P air filtration system, Erlab contacted Action Services Group. The client’s installation was completed within 3 days, thanks to Action Services Group’s experienced project managers and resource database. Action Services Group has been a national provider of lighting, electrical, signage, LED retrofits, and workplace safety products, services, installation, and project management for 30 years. Action Services Group has one of the largest databases of certified electricians on a national level, over 20,000 LED retrofits completed, decade-long relationships between project managers, and a network of licensed electricians. The benefits to both organizations quickly became apparent and a partnership was formed.

Now Offering a National Distribution and Installation Program for the Halo Air Purification System

“With the combination of Erlab’s clinically tested air purification technology, and Action Services Group’s experienced project managers and resource partners, we can assist struggling organizations in protecting their customers, employees, visitors, students, and residents. No matter the industry, we can now offer you a way to safely reopen your building, without the fear of contaminated air, on a national level,” said Ted Stouch, President, and Founder of Action Services Group.

You Can Now Finance Your Halo Air Purification System

If your organization wants to have The Halo Smart P air filtration system installed but don’t have the capital to do so, Action Services Group can offer you financial assistance options through a third-party partner. Clean indoor air is now available to everyone. To learn more about the Halo Smart P air purification system, visit To learn more about indoor air quality and improving your mitigation strategies, visit For financing inquiries, email [email protected]

About Action Services Group

Action Services Group is a national provider of lighting, electrical, signage, LED retrofits and workplace safety products, services, installation, and project management. We believe the key to our success begins with applying a team-based approach, the value we place on each customer, and the accountability we put on everyone in our organization. We firmly believe that one size does not fit all. At Action Services Group, we know that no two customers are identical and that our services and products must address the individual customer’s requirements. As a result, we customize our services and project management by dedicating the right resources to ensure we deliver consistent, quality service while continually controlling costs. Our ultimate goal is to succeed by providing an exceptional customer experience and competitive innovative solutions to our customers.

About Erlab

Erlab’s passion is to focus on the research & development, design, and manufacturing of cutting-edge air filtration systems. As an innovator, Erlab is committed to safety, performance, energy efficiency, and sustainability and has remained number one in the world for air filtration since 1968. You can read the original press release at 69 News. Media Contacts Jessica Irvine Action Services Group [email protected] Jesse Coiro Erlab [email protected]

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“We are thrilled with our new air purification system and our whole organization can rest easier knowing our buildings indoor air quality is 99.995% filtered of all pollutants. The installation crew was quick, professional, and they cleaned up after themselves. Thank you, Action Services group!”  Director of Human Resources – Transitional Care and Rehabilitation Center