Are Remote Workers Ready to Return to the Workplace? Survey Explores

Fewer than 3 out of 10 employees who are working remotely amid the COVID-19 pandemic expect to return to their physical workplace by the end of the year, and some groups feel more pressure than others to do so, results of a recent survey suggest. 

From Sept. 16 to 25, nonprofit think tank The Conference Board conducted an online survey of more than 1,100 U.S. workers across numerous industries to gain an understanding of employee readiness to return to the workplace during the pandemic. 

The survey found that most of the workers feel “moderately comfortable” (39%) or “very comfortable” (17%) about returning to the workplace, while 31% aren’t comfortable with the prospect of returning. The survey also found that the top 3 concerns expressed by employees returning to the workplace were: risk of contracting COVID-19 (51%); the risk of exposing family members (49%); and lack of a safe, effective, available vaccine (40%).  

Click here to read the full survey finding, posted on October 20, 2020, in Family Safety and Health.

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