Are School Children In Danger from Ionizer Air Purification?

School administrators are facing a difficult situation. They are trying to improve air quality in their facilities to minimize the risk of Covid-19 and improve their indoor air quality. To help calm staff and parents’ fears, schools are using federal funds to purchase and install air purification devices. The devices include ozone machines and ionizer air purification systems, among others.

The problem schools are facing is the technology is either unproven to be effective or potentially adding to the indoor air pollution.

Experts are recommending schools increase fresh airflow and include HEPA filters. It is a proven method that reduces the number of airborne particles and pathogens like Covid-19. However, schools are being inundated with sales team promising their devices will remove up to 99.99% of harmful particles without proven testing.

Sales reps are continuing to promote the unproven devices with promises of large bonuses. What many school officials aren’t considering is some of the devices may be doing more harm than good.

A Little Ozone May Be Dangerous

An ozone machine generates ozone, which manufacturers’ claim can make Covid-19 particles inactive. It is good news for parents worrying about their children’s safety, but an ozone machine may be doing more harm.

A study conducted at the UCLA Center for Occupational and Environmental Health discovered ozone is a health problem. The lungs treat ozone as an invader. Lung cells attack ozone particles often causing asthma and other breathing complications. Trips to the emergency room are common after prolonged exposure to ozone.

In children, the damage to their lungs can be permanent.

With school districts in over 44 states investing ion air purification, it is something health officials are extremely worried about. On the other hand, it is hard to blame school administrators for their choices. Ozone generators are readily available, inexpensive, quiet, and easy to install in every classroom.

As you continue reading, we are sure your concerns are mounting. We have an additional article, Trust the Science, Know the Dangers – Air Filtration Product Review, that walks you through the most common air filtration products on the market today.


Ion Air Purification and Shoebox Testing

Parents and child safety advocacy groups are taking notice of manufacturers’ claims and comparing them against scientific evidence.

A shoebox environment is how they test the ion air purification systems. The area is much smaller than a classroom, and the possible negative health effects on students’ lungs are not what they are testing for.

Most school districts are following advice from sales reps and manufacturers, leaving parents frustrated and worried. Why schools don’t want to admit they may have fallen victim to a scam, is they don’t want to acknowledge their potential mistake. Schools have invested large sums of money in unproven devices.

As the national supplier and installer of the Halo HEPA Air Purification system, Action Services Group is proud to share the third-party independent verification of its product! You can read the full article on our testing procedures here, as well as request the full third-party report for further review. The Halo HEPA Air Purification system is proven to filter out and trap 99.995% of all viruses, bacteria, particles, and allergens.

The Best Solution for Schools

It is easy to fall for new technology after a health crisis like the global pandemic. Industry experts agree pumping in outside air, along with installing HEPA filters, is the most effective and safest way to improve indoor air quality.

HEPA filters are also more cost-effective than spending thousands of dollars on a potentially dangerous ozone generator. Manufacturers of ion air purification systems are fighting back claiming their ozone machines are safe and effective even without scientific data to back up their promises.

Ultimately, it is up to school officials to decide how to improve air quality in their buildings, but health experts and some parents are hoping they choose HEPA filters over an ozone machine.

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