Are Temperature Checks a Good Gatekeeper for the Workplace?

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, going back to the workplace is something that most employees are dreading.  Trying to make sure it is safe to come back is of top priority for all employers. Most workplaces have sneeze guardssocial distance barriers, cubicle extenders, and markers to maintain six feet from individuals, but there is one thing that most organizations have yet to realize would be an asset to returning to work. Something that is missing however is a safe scan temperature kiosk.

What is a Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosk? 

 The Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosk is something that would be beneficial to all organizations and workplaces. With thermal imaging, the kiosk can take an individual’s temperature, make sure they are wearing a mask, and even act as a digital timecard all while people move through the entrance of your buildingIt allows for every individual coming in and out of the building to have their temperature taken and logged automatically with no in-person oversightThe temperature check kiosk logs all individuals come into the building and when they leave, allowing there to be easy access for contact tracing. Having this workplace safety product in your building drastically cuts down the likelihood of an outbreak in the building 

Temperature Checks are becoming more popular in the Covid-19 world. Most places have people who are taking workers’ and/or customers’ temperature but having a Safe Scan Kiosk will allow social distancing to be practiced and eliminate the need for additional personnel. 

Is Temperature Check Beneficial to Have in the Workplace? 

 Having a Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosk allows employers to get alerts when someone has a temperature over the set amount or if someone is not wearing a maskWith a temperature check kiosk outside your building or in the building lobby is a huge help when trying to prepare your building for occupancy. A temperature check kiosk is something that helps maintain the workplace safety protocols set by the CDC. This not only makes it easier to maintain the protocols but allows the kiosk to do the job that would minimize the risk of exposure to workers, customers, and visitors.  

Knowing what products and protocols to put in place to bring your employees back can be nerve-racking. We have an entire series on workplace safety protocols and products here. 

Stopping it At the Source 

 The Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosk is meant to be a gatekeeper for a building. It will allow the spread to not enter the door. With thermal imaging, workplaces can now check employees’, visitors’, and customers’ temperatures before they enter the main part of your building. This ensures they stick with workplace safety protocols. Having a temperature check kiosk outside or in your building is helpful when trying to prepare your building for occupancy.  

While thermal imaging is a great preventative measure, it doesn’t guarantee that the virus won’t be inside the facility. The information taken by the Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosk can be stored for future use. This can allow businesses to track where or when infection has been throughout the building. As well as if the individual was wearing a mask as per policy. This is allows them to acknowledge and heeded any warnings issued by the temperature check kiosk. This information can be used to stop the spread before someone enters the building, or if someone is asymptomatic, allows for contact tracing to be done for those individuals that worked with the infected.  

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 A Good Gatekeeper 

 An important step to enhancing workplace safety protocols is to decrease the chances of disruptions. Having a Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosk allows for temperature records, and mask screenings to be done automatically by the technology and not by a staff member. While it might not be 100 percent able to prevent the virus from entering the building, it is a good way to stop it at its source. The temperature check kiosk is a great gatekeeper for the workplace. It is there to prevent the spread of the virus or an outbreak from happening within your building. 

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