Auto Dealership Lighting 101

It’s time to buy a new car, and you can see the one you want sparkling under the dealership’s lights.

Individuals have different reasons for buying a car, but they all expect the vehicle to look great. Thats where your lighting comes into play. Car dealerships know the importance of lighting and using it to create the perfect environment.

The right auto dealership lighting will encourage buyers to purchase a vehicle, while also saving on energy costs.

Auto Dealership Lighting Covers More Than the Car Lot

The car lot is a crucial part of any auto dealership, but it’s not the only area you want to ensure has plenty of efficient lighting. Other areas include,

  • Signage on the building
  • Marquee signs
  • Displays
  • New and used car lots
  • Visitor and employee parking areas
  • Indoor showroom
  • Interior offices
  • Service bays
  • The building’s exterior

Using bright, clear lamps attracts customers and gives them a favorable impression of the space. It’s crucial for the dealership’s success.

There are considerable financial benefits to retrofitting parking lot or car lot lighting. In The Financial Benefits of Converting Parking Lot Lighting to LED, we review not only the energy savings, but maintenance savings, and the added performance value.

Plan the Car Dealership Lighting with Consumers in Mind

How consumers buy a new vehicle is changing and dealerships need to keep with the trends to stay financially successful.

The lighting should highlight the vehicles and provide an attractive environment customers want to spend time in. The longer a customer spends in a showroom, the greater the chances of making a vehicle sale.

Auto dealerships also want the lighting to be visible across multiple media platforms. You want to attract consumers who are shopping for vehicles online. A successful lighting project will showcase your brand and deliver a presentation that encourages consumers to purchase a vehicle.

Best Practices for Auto Dealership Lighting

Auto dealerships need to consider a few factors as they upgrade their current lighting. The goal is to attract customers and keep them engaged, while also cutting down on energy usage. Here are seven practices you want to employ in your auto dealership lighting plan.

1. Signage

An auto dealership’s sign often gives customers their first impression. Clean and bright signs indicate the dealership is open for business and cares about the details. You want your signage clearly visible at all times.

2. Bright Outdoor Lights

Most car buyers find their vehicle in the outdoor lot and not in the showroom. It’s also the first place most customers start looking for a new car.

Outdoor lighting should be bright, highlighting the vehicles. Bright light makes the car lot look and feel welcoming, while also improving everyone’s safety.

3. Use Uniform Lighting

Auto dealerships with successful lighting practices often partner with a professional lighting service provider. It helps to ensure the lighting is uniform across the dealership.

You want to avoid dim areas and spaces with too bright lighting. Customers are more likely to stay and make a deal when the lighting stays at the same brightness level whether they are in the showroom or an office.

4. Pay Attention to Showroom and Accent Lighting

Some of the top vehicles are kept in showrooms and using the right lighting techniques will help move them off the floor.

Use accent lighting to highlight limited edition models, and don’t forget about colored lights. Sometimes, it’s the color of the vehicle that clinches the sale for consumers. Using accent lighting with a high color rendering index (CRI) highlights the vehicle’s best features.

5. Keep Service Areas Well-Lit

Your mechanics are a vital part of the auto dealership. They need bright lighting to perform their job. Having a well-lit service area also improves employees’ safety.

Customers feel better about leaving their vehicle in a well-lit service area. The lighting gives the impression the dealership employs exceptional maintenance practices in everything they do.

6. Automated Lighting and Lighting Controls

Having a well-lit auto dealership doesn’t mean foregoing energy-saving steps. Employing lighting controls and automating lights ensures areas are illuminated as needed. Lighting controls can turn the lights off automatically in unoccupied offices.

You can also automate lights to reduce brightness when the dealership is closed. Even reducing brightness by 10% results in significant energy savings.

7. Transition to LED Lighting

Metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and fluorescent lighting fixtures are not capable of providing the right ambience for a car dealership. The fixtures also consume a large amount of energy that shows up in operating costs.

Transitioning to LED lighting is easier than you may think. It will also dramatically reduce energy usage and the associated costs.

LED lighting has another advantage. It comes with color rendering technologies that will make vehicles in the showroom and out on the lot look their best.

Auto Dealership Lighting with Action Services Group

Auto dealership lighting is crucial. It gives consumers a favorable impression of the business, highlights vehicles, and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

It also improves safety and lowers the dealership’s operating costs.

When you are ready to transition to energy-efficient LED lighting we are here to help. Contact Action Services Group today and see how we can help you.  Call 610-558-9773, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.

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