Bathroom Disinfection – An Efficiency Report on Ultraviolet C Lighting

Studies have repeatedly proven that ultraviolet C lighting is an effective means of sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces, air, and water. One of these studies, shared by the American Journal of Infection Control, highlights the effects of ultraviolet C lighting when used to disinfect hospital bathrooms.

Below, the experts with Action Services Group share the results of this study and how it can be used to effectively combat the spread of illnesses.

A Study of the Efficiency of Ultraviolet C Lighting

This study focused on the use of automated ultraviolet C lighting fixtures permanently installed within shared patient bathrooms in a 268-bed hospital ward. These bathrooms, which were shared by up to 8 patients, were exposed to ultraviolet C lighting for 5 minutes. (Because they were connected to a motion sensor, these lights were only activated after a 30-second period of no motion and were automatically turned off when the bathroom door opened.) Samples were taken 5 minutes and 30 seconds after use of the bathroom of both toilet seat and countertop surfaces. A control bathroom, which did not include ultraviolet C lighting, underwent the same testing 5 minutes and 30 seconds after use for comparison.

When comparing the countertop tests, the bathroom that utilized ultraviolet C lighting saw a 95% reduction in germs. Those bathrooms with ultraviolet C lighting also saw a 97% reduction in bacteria found on toilet seats as well.

Using Ultraviolet C Lighting for Bathroom Disinfection

Bathrooms are a hotspot for disease transmission. Even when cleaned to industry standards, it can be extremely hard to limit the spread of illnesses when it comes to bathroom facilities. There are several reasons for this. For example, most bathrooms are not scrubbed clean after every use. But – even if they were – chemical cleaners and human error will always leave room for trace amounts of bacteria to rapidly reproduce and re-contaminate an area within an hour. (In fact, did you know that certain bacteria cultures can become immune to chemical cleaners?!)

This Study Applies to You Too!

Hospitals can be a mecca for diseases and illnesses of all kinds. This often means their bathroom facilities are exposed to a much higher number of bacteria. However, this does not mean that other bathrooms should not be treated with the same protective measures. (After all, most people only go to the hospital once symptoms are fully apparent and inhibiting their daily life. That means there is ample time for incubation even before they are admitted to a hospital!)

A study published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology found that, within one hour of manual cleaning, four different public restrooms were re-contaminated. Of the 77,000 different types of viruses and bacteria found within these restrooms, 45% were of fecal origin. Bacteria, such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), salmonella, E.coli, hepatitis, shigella influenza, and norovirus are among those detected.

Yet another study points out that toilet seats and countertops are not the only surfaces a public bathroom should be concerned with. Door handles, soap dispensers, floors, and faucets are just several other surface areas where diseases can remain after use.

No matter what industry you are in, ultraviolet C Lighting can be beneficial to you, your staff, and customers. To read more about the different types of ultraviolet C fixtures, try reading: UV-C Light Fixtures Explained.

Ultraviolet C Lighting for Bathroom Disinfection

Public bathrooms, including those within schools, restaurants, gyms, and other such places, can benefit greatly from the use of ultraviolet C lighting.

It has never been more apparent than it is today – rapid transmission of illnesses can shudder not only your business, but an entire country. Whether we are combatting deadly diseases or the simple flu, protecting yourself and your clientele with ultraviolet C lighting is beneficial.

If you happen to be a school or university, or an industry with a high volume of foot traffic, try reading UV-C Germicidal Lighting for Schools and Universities. We cover UV-C applications for infection control in large spaces with heavy in-person interaction.

Ultraviolet C Lighting with Action Services Group

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