Customer Success Story True Value Hardware

Here at Action Services Group we define our success by the success of our customers. In today’s post we would like to highlight one of America’s largest hardware stores. A company that has locations in thousands of communities around the United States. The hardware chain had a need to both reduce energy costs and reduce maintenance costs in their facilities. Below we will look at how they achieved this by working with Action Services Group.

The Objective

As stated above the customer’s goals revolved around reducing the monthly energy costs and maintenance costs that it was spending throughout its stores. Working with True Value corporate office Action Services Group recommended a LED linear solution to replace the existing linear fluorescent lighting.

The Solution

At this point Action Service Group came in to examine the facilities and collect lighting data. After a detailed analysis of the findings, Action Services Group put together a proposal that would meet the corporate requirements for energy reduction while simultaneously reducing maintenance costs.

Specifically, Action Services Group offered a LED linear tube retrofit program. This replaced the existing outdated fluorescent lamps and ballasts, with new energy efficient LED direct wire linear tubes.

The Results

The results of the LED retrofit were dramatic both from an energy consumption and maintenance standpoint. Below are the granular details:

  1. An immediate reduction of maintenance costs estimated at $700+ annually for the next 5 years due to both the products rated life (50,000 hrs.) and their multi-year warranty.
  2. An immediate reduction of energy usage by 57% and an estimated $2,900+ annual utility cost savings based on the U.S. average retail price of electricity of $0.1032.
  3. An annual reduction of 36,700 lbs. of Greenhouse Gases emitted into the atmosphere a fundamental cause of the greenhouse effect.

Customer Quote

“Action Services Group did an extremely professional job in retrofitting my store from fluorescent lighting to LED. I’ll be reducing my lighting energy costs by 60%, the lighting on our product is significantly better and our customers love the difference. From the survey, to the product selection to the installation they did a great job.” – Richard Copeland, Chicago True Value Hardware


In conclusion the customer achieved their stated outcome and saved significant amounts of money on both energy and maintenance expenses. If you would like to learn more about what an LED retrofit would look like for your organization, reach out to us here at Action Services Group. We would be happy to put together a free no obligation consultation for you to review. We look forward to hearing from you.