Dimmable Lights and Data-Harvesting Apps Offer Hope in the Fight to Protect Wildlife

Artificial lighting is crucial to modern life; it enables factories and warehouses to operate continuously, has led to the development of night-time economies worth billions of dollars, and allows us to carry out long-distance journeys after the sunsets.  

It can, however, be detrimental to the natural world. According to the UN Environment Programme, “lighting disrupts photosynthesis and the activities of insects, birds, and other animals.” 

As concerns about our environment and sustainability grow, many organizations are taking steps to assist our environment. A local council in Queensland, Australia recently started implementing new measures to stop turtle hatchlings from becoming disoriented by artificial lights.  

How? Remote Dimming!  

Click here to read the full story and learn more, posted on October 20, 2020, on CNBC.

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