Electrical Issues Causing Fires in Kansas

Properly maintaining circuit breakers can be easily overlooked but important to the safety of the building. An overloaded circuit breaker caused a fire that resulted in damage to three buildings in Atchison, Kansas. Fire chief Patrick Weishaar stated to investigators that electrical issues were the cause of three out of the four fires the city has had earlier this month.

The importance of maintaining the electric work and fire safety in properties was stressed by the fire Marshall and fire chief. The home the fire started in was reported to have tripped circuits in the days prior to the fire. Repeatedly shorted circuit breakers are a tell-tale sign that a breaker box needs to be looked at by a commercial electrician. During the colder months, it is important to be sure space heaters are working properly and following safety protocols. Having properly working smoke detectors throughout buildings is also crucial for the safety and well-being of others.

“There’s no disputing that a working smoke detector can and does save lives,” Weishaar said. “This is also an opportunity to remind citizens in our community that we provide smoke detectors at no cost. We also install detectors and evaluate the home for proper coverage and placement.”

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