EV Charging Network – Crucial to Business Success

Have you ever thought about how much of your life depends on connectivity? Work is often dependent on the internet, and who leaves home without their phone? People are always connected, most often wirelessly, even their homes often run on smart systems. It shows how technology keeps advancing, and how it’s a part of everyone’s life.

It makes sense that EVs would be the next technological advancement. It is the only thing left, now there are smart home systems. So, how does a business keep up with the rapidly evolving technology? The first step is to look into an EV charging network.

Electric Vehicle Charging Network -The Smart Solution

It is cheaper to purchase stand-alone EV charging stations, but it will be more expensive in the long run. Standalone stations are limited. They do not have universal networking, and the hardware will quickly be outdated.

Remember how fast technology changed from a flip phone to an automated home system? Within a few years, your standalone EV charging station won’t be what customers need.

If you’re still not convinced an EV charging network is worth the added cost, here are a few more reasons why it makes sense to spend more now. You will see a larger return on your investment.

  • Visibility: A standalone charger doesn’t have the online visibility you get with a charging network. Drivers can’t see your charging station on their mobile app, a third-party website, or even with GPS. You may think it doesn’t matter if the EV charging station allows employees or residents to reserve them, but it can limit your ability to attract new talent and tenants.
  • Entice EV Drivers to the Business: EV drivers want to know they can charge their vehicles while they’re shopping. It’s the same for employees, everyone wants to know they can make it back home. An EV charging network lets drivers know there’s a charging station at your business. Some networks even allow the drivers to save their place in line.
  • Charging Network Pricing: This is part of good business etiquette. Some EV owners plug their cars in and leave them sitting for hours. Businesses with an EV charging network can set the prices to increase if a vehicle is fully charged and plugged into the charging station. It prevents customers and employees from blocking charging stations, ensuring everyone has a chance to charge their vehicles.
  • Streamline charging operations: Standalone charging stations lack tons of benefits business owners want to take advantage of. Automated updates on the station’s performance are available with some networks. Businesses can anticipate problems, prevent access, and utilize non-peak utility hours. You can save on energy costs, while still charging multiple vehicles.
  • Reports are Crucial: Reports are more crucial than you may realize. Without them, you’re essentially blind about the EV charging station’s performance. The reports can monitor everything from greenhouse gas emissions to help produce more sustainable investments.

A final reason to consider investing in an electric vehicle charging network, the rebates and incentives often pay for the installation costs.

That last line really caught your attention. Did you know that you could be looking at a 3 month ROI in some instances when you take advantage of the current rebates and incentives? The EV charging specialists with Action Services Group can help you find and receive the max amount of funds available through local, state, and federal rebates and incentives. To speak with a dedicated EV charging specialist, you can Schedule a Call by clicking the button below.

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Always Think Towards the Future

Technology is rapidly advancing, and businesses need to keep up. Standalone charging stations are a cheap way into the sustainable market, but only for a limited time. In the end, you’ll need an EV charging network.

To speak with an Action Services Group expert about EV charging stations, call 610-558-9773 or email info@actionservicesgroup.com.

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