Fixed Fee vs On-Demand Lighting Maintenance for a Multi-Location Organization

When considering a lighting maintenance plan for your organization there are a few options, like fixed fee vs on-demand on the table. If you are like most organizations, you would rather be focused on your business then worrying about lighting outages, maintenance, and repairs.

Plus, you are probably not fond of forecasting a lighting maintenance budget when managing multiple locations. We understand the struggles related to maintaining your organization’s illumination, and the good news is, you have options.

Today we are going to review the differences between a scheduled fixed fee vs on-demand maintenance plan. There are what some may consider benefits and downsides to both plans.  Without understanding how the plans differ, you can’t make an informed decision for your organization.

Fixed Fee

fixed fee maintenance program runs on a set schedule. Depending upon your organization’s needs, a tailored schedule is designed around a time-frame of monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. The scheduled maintenance is set to a fixed fee, so your organization can maintain the illumination in your facilities with minimal concerns, at a set budget.

A Fixed Fee lighting maintenance plan comes with some benefits.

  1. Ensuring Your Lamps are Lit

    We have all seen those organization who have a few lights out or their signage is not evenly illuminated. Depending upon the location of the burnt-out lighting, this can cause safety issues as well as be a detriment to your brand. With a Fixed Fee plan, a lighting technician will visit your sites on a scheduled basis and make to ensure your lighting is at optimum levels.

  1. Decrease Outages Over Time

    With the proactive nature of a fixed fee maintenance plan, your organization will decrease lighting outages over time. As an added bonus, when a lighting technician visits your locations on a set schedule, they can spotlight issues and address them before they become a larger issue.

  1. Your Internal Staff Will Thank You

    As an organization with multiple locations, your internal facility management team has a LOT on their plate. By adding a fixed fee scheduled maintenance plan, you allow your internal staff to focus on short and long-term objectives, instead of being bogged down with every lighting outage across your locations.

A Fixed Fee lighting maintenance plan also comes with a few obstacles.

  1. Bring-to-Burn

    A lot of organizations don’t take this under consideration during the evaluation process. A fixed fee program has an upfront cost or come-to-burn cost. When a new fixed fee program is initiated, your lighting service company will facilitate an initial visit to all of your locations. In this initial visit, a lighting technician will replace ALL of your lighting outages. The cost of this initial coverage is called a Bring-to-Burn and ensures that you start your fixed fee lighting maintenance plan with all lamps illuminated.

  1. Emergency Services

    With a fixed fee plan you still have to consider emergency services. No matter your set schedule, be it monthly or semi-annually, you are going to encounter emergencies. With a fixed fee plan, you need to take emergencies into consideration and work them into your agreement. Don’t forget them, they could come back to haunt you.


An on-demand maintenance program generally runs on a, you guessed it on-demand basis. When you are experiencing a lighting burnout, you contact your lighting service provider and they send out a lighting technician to replace the outages. Depending upon your service provider, this could take anywhere from 3 days to several weeks. Just like other plans have their ups and downs, so to does an On-Demand maintenance program.

An On-Demand lighting maintenance plan comes with some perks.

  1. Pay as You Go

    An on-demand lighting maintenance plan is a pay as you utilize program. You have no fixed fees or Bring-to-burn costs and only pay for services as needed.

  1. Emergency Services

    Unlike with a fixed fee plan, your emergency services are generally included in your services at a slight cost increase due to time constraints. When you are experiencing an emergency with your lighting, you follow the same procedures and request service. The only difference is the time frame in which your lighting technician arrives to work on your outage.

An On-Demand lighting maintenance plan also comes with a few drawbacks.

  1. Relying on Internal Staff to Report Outages

    When utilizing an On-Demand maintenance plan, you are relying on internal staff to report outages. So, ask yourself this: Let’s say your process is that the location manager is responsible for reporting outages, but said manager works first shift and never notices that half your parking area lighting is out. We would hope that someone at the location would notify the manager and the outages would be fixed. But relying on one individual who may not be in a position to notice an outage is asking for trouble.

  1. No Budget Restraints

    With an On-Demand plan you have no budget restraints in place, and with multiple locations, this can become a very big concern. How do you plan for your lighting maintenance if you have no idea when, where, or how often you are going to need service?

Making Your Final Decision

After reading about the differences between a Fix Fee vs On-Demand lighting maintenance plan, you probably have a good idea of what would work best for your organization. Now it really comes down to deciding on a Lighting Services Company.

At Action Services Group we provide both service option to our customers. Our Fix Fee lighting maintenance plan is tailored to our customers’ needs and available on their optimal time-frame of monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. Our On-Demand lighting maintenance plan is available on request within 72 hours of a service request. Our Emergency services are available to both maintenance plans 24/7/365 and will have a lighting technician on-site within 4 hours.

To discuss your Lighting Maintenance options with Action Services Group, call 800-223-0982 or email

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