How Does Dirty Pool Water Relate to the Air You Breathe?

Summer is upon us; the warm (and very, very hot) weather is here, and that means a mad rush of homeowners preparing to open their pools. But did you know that having old, dirty pool water can affect the air you breathe? We spend all this energy, time and money on clarity and disinfection of the water we jump in, but have we ever stopped to think about the quality of the air we breathe? 

Air and water can both be kept clean and usable with the right tools. Your clear, beautiful swimming pool needs a filter — this captures the pollution and contaminants that you don’t want to see (or swim in). These filters play a significant role in reducing pool contamination, and air filters play a significant role in reducing airborne hazards. These filters can be similar to the filters we use for air purification.  

Action Services Group is the national provider for Erlab Halo Air Purification System which is a tool to use to get rid of allergens, dust particles, and viruses from the air. Keep the air you breathe clean with the help of Action Services Group and the Halo Air Purification System. 

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