How to Complete a Turn-Key 260+ Unit Exterior Lighting Retrofit in 7 Weeks

Exterior LED lighting retrofits can be a challenging and time-consuming task for any company to complete. There are logistical items for selecting the right product, project management, ordering, shipping, and installation. Finally, the post-project work like recording the warranties and filing for energy rebates. In today’s article, we would like to look at a recent exterior lighting retrofit completed by Action Services Group, where more than 260 units were retrofit in less than 7 weeks.

To complete an exterior LED lighting retrofit of hundreds of units in under two months. There are a number of systems, project management processes, and labor-management items that need to be in place from a potential vendor. Below we’ll take a deeper dive into these items:

Understanding Your Exterior Lighting Retrofit Component Data

Before taking on a project of this size and magnitude it is important to understand your facilities lighting component data. What is this data? Lighting component data is all the technical pieces of information about your lighting. Things like: what is the current lighting installed, how high your poles lights are, and the type of lighting for each light type in your facility. As simple as this may sound, it is important to aggregate this information before starting a retrofit. It is key to identify who has this information, is it the facility manager or property owner? If you have this data on hand you are starting from a much better position than if you have to go collect it.

Getting the Product In Time

In addition to knowing the lighting component data, knowing if you can get the right product in the right time frame is critical to a successful project. At the core of selecting the right product and managing the deliverables, the schedule is finding the right lighting supplier.

solutions-based lighting supplier is your best option. Typically, facility managers and property owners would go through their existing lighting supplier like they may have been doing for years. The challenge is that a lighting supplier will have a more limited selection of LED lighting products. Typically, a distribution house has fewer options because they handle only one of the major manufacturers.

In addition to the larger product selection, a solution-based lighting supplier will ensure the product meets your lighting criteria, and that they can get the product in time to start an accelerated turnkey installation.

Completing The Exterior Lighting Retrofit

Completing the exterior lighting retrofit project in an expedited time frame can be a challenging task. It is important that your turn-key provider has a strong internal project management team and they have the installation resources necessary for a large-scale roll-out. The internal project management team will have to manage the ordering, shipping, and installation logistics. They will need to set up project communication and reporting criteria for their team and for the customer. The installation items that are necessary include:

  • Manpower and quantity of available resources required for the retrofit
  • Size and lift capabilities of their bucket trucks
  • What is their daily installation capability
  • Inventory stocking capabilities
  • GPS tracking systems
  • Clearly defined Key Performance Indicators
  • A backup and contingency plan for product and labor


In conclusion, implementing a large-scale roll-out of an exterior LED lighting retrofit for hundreds of units in a short time-frame takes planning, resources, and careful execution. Make sure that you are working with a solution-based lighting service provider that can capture lighting component data and procure and install the correct product at your facilities around the country. If you have any questions about your LED lighting project reach out to us here at Action Services Group, we would be happy to speak with you about your lighting goals.

For more information on Lighting, LED products, and retrofits for your organization contact Action Services Group by calling 800-223-0982 or email

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