How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality by Over 60%

Did you know specific air purifiers with HEPA filters have the capability to improve indoor air quality by more than 60%, according to a Camfil research study?

Researchers conducting the study in Spectrum Engineering offices found that specific commercial air purifiers improved indoor air quality by 63% after running for 60 minutes.

Indoor aerosol concentration levels also decreased by 98.2% after 20 minutes which helps to reduce potential airborne transmission of Covid-19. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated the most common form of virus spread is by inhaling aerosols in the air.

Improve Indoor Air Quality in Schools and Offices

Lockdown restrictions are over, and students have returned to school. Most kids under the age of 12 are not vaccinated. Not all adults are vaccinated either, making indoor air quality a priority.

Attention is being drawn to how improving indoor air quality in schools and hospitality facilities can help them operate safely and avoid the need for future lockdowns.

As public buildings fill back up with staff, students, and visitors, facilities must have the tools they need to provide safe and clean indoor air.

Paul Flanagan, managing director of Camfil Ireland discusses the importance of educating the public about the benefits of improving indoor air quality and how they are providing solutions that will protect people and the environment for years to come.

‘The past year and a half have made our mission and purpose more important than ever before, as the idea of clean air has become a top priority for people. We are determined to show people that installing HEPA filters onto buildings can and will decrease the risk of inhaling harmful pollutants. This study by Camfil and Spectrum Engineering is proof of that success.’

Action Services Group is the national supplier and installer of the Halo HEPA Air Purification system, providing healthy indoor air quality for increased safety. To speak with an Action Services Group air purification specialist, you can schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.

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Final Thoughts on Indoor Air Quality

The lockdowns are over, but Covid-19 still poses a threat. The best way to protect individuals is to improve indoor air quality. New studies are showing how using the right air purifier can reduce airborne aerosols, helping to prevent the virus’s spread and keeping people safer indoors.

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