Indoor Air Quality Concerns In Office Buildings

Returning to the office is something that has been an on-again, off-again situation due to the influx of Covid-19 cases. With the flu season underway and the number of cases spiking again, more office buildings are concerned about their indoor air quality. Employers and employees alike are concerned about airborne transmission and indoor air quality as people return to working in-person.

This pandemic has opened our eyes to proper indoor air quality (IAQ) and has raised concerns that building owners are now having to handle. Some of the questions being raised include:

  • What can we do about the air quality being delivered and circulated in our office space?
  • What indoor air quality (IAQ) safety strategies are being deployed in our building?

Is Your Office Building Healthy?

Making sure you have good air quality in your office building is something that should be a priority when returning to work. It’ll make your employees, customers, and other occupants feel safe. Some might question whether or not the ROI on these improvements is worth it. These improvements are not only for the sake of the pandemic but are also a permanent improvement to the air quality of your office building. You can permanently trap and contain not only viruses, but dust particles, bacteria, and allergens.

With an air purification system like our Halo Smart P unit, building owners and operators can now create and maintain healthy building parameters.  It’s even thought to become a new lease requirement due to new information from researchers.

Have you read our new executive thought piece: A Virus, A Vaccine, and An Invisible Killer?  We take a deep dive into the pandemic, air quality strategies, and PM 2.5.


What About Funding?

You might be a bit worried about making this type of investment. Where will you get the funding? There is some good news. Last March, the United States Congress passed the 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the “CARES” Act), as a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This allows tax benefits for facility improvements. Under this act, property owners can write off certain qualified improvements made to the interior portion of a commercial building. These improvements include the following:

  • Heating and air conditioning equipment upgrades and replacements.
  • Interior mechanical and electrical system installations and/or upgrades.
  • Other non-structural interior upgrades and replacements including both equipment and installation costs.

Air Quality as a Service (AQaaS) is another solution offered and sought after by the marketplace. It allows companies to significantly lower upfront expenditures, making it easier — and faster — to deploy in existing buildings. Similar to Lighting as a Service, Air Quality as a Service includes installation, repairs, monitoring, and maintenance with filter replacements.

Your IAQ Solution

When employees do return to the office, building owners must demonstrate a healthy environment. This means creating an environment employees, customers, and other occupants feel safe to come back to without worry of an outbreak. Building owners can’t just pick an improvement that checks off all the boxes but is actually there to make occupants feel safe. The IAQ solution should continuously measure air quality parameters to ensure effectiveness. IAQ analytics is something that is a priority so that operators are informed about what the IAQ is in the building. Today’s smart, healthy buildings are data-driven — baseline levels and continuous analytics showing where you are and what strategies might need tweaking.

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Healthy Buildings Are the New Normal

Based on what we experienced in the past year, it’s clear that you have three new realities: healthy buildings are here to stay, the technology exists to accurately measure and manage air quality and, perhaps most importantly, now is the time to act.

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“We are thrilled with our new air purification system and our whole organization can rest easier knowing our buildings indoor air quality is 99.995% filtered of all pollutants. The installation crew was quick, professional, and they cleaned up after themselves. Thank you, Action Services group!”

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