LED Light Quality: What are the advantages beyond energy savings?

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Quality LED Lighting has burst onto the lighting seen in almost every arena: commercial, industrial, retail, residential, the list goes on and on. When most people think about LED lights the first thing that comes to mind is energy efficiency. The perception is that by installing quality LED lights you’re going to drop your energy bills. While this is definitely true (LED bulbs use – on average 75% less energy than their traditional incandescent counterparts), it is only one component of LED lighting. In today’s article, we’ll look at some of the other benefits that you’ll receive if you install an LED lighting retrofit for your organization.

Lifespan & Maintenance in Quality LED Light

In addition to the staggering energy savings that you get from LEDs, another benefit that you will receive is a longer lifespan for the product. On average you are going to get 35-50 times longer lifespan than an incandescent lamp. LED Lighting is also drastically cheaper to maintain. Because of the increased lifespan of the LED’s, routine maintenance is much less frequent. So, things like changing lamps and ballasts, and renting bucket trucks, is stretched over a much longer period of time when compared to traditional incandescent lamps.


Lighting Performance in Quality LED Light

Another very tangible benefit of quality LED lighting is the lighting performance increase that you’ll receive from an LED retrofit. LED lights provide better performance when measured in delivered lumens to the surface below. Lumens are “the overall light output or quantity of light produced” (This is the key metric to keep your eye on when evaluating lighting performance). LED fixtures provide significant performance improvements because they provide a more even distribution of foot-candles. Additionally, LED’s are available in a wide range of correlated color temperatures, which provides end-users the ability to select a specific aesthetic look of a given space. For instance, a high color rendering index ensures that anyone working under the LED Lighting can clearly see what they are working on. Another benefit of LED lighting is the ability of the fixtures to dim. This development is a drastic change for end users, as they are now able to change the operating conditions after their LED retrofit and adapt to the usage needs of individual rooms or spaces quickly without compromising the functionality of the LED lights themselves.


In conclusion, we can see the performance benefits, maintenance benefits, and cost-savings benefits of Quality LED Lighting. To learn more about what an LED retrofit could look like for your organization please reach out to us here at Action Services Group by calling 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below. Thank you, we look forward to working with your company.


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