LED Lighting Rebates For 2021

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After Covid-19 slowed down the LED lighting industry in 2020, utilities are coming back stronger in 2021. Commercial LED lighting rebate programs offer big savings for businesses that are ready to upgrade to energy-efficient systems.
There are two topics everyone is talking about when they’re discussing lighting rebates in 2021. One is the new trends, and the other is the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) requirements for the attractive rebate programs.

LED Lighting Rebate Trends in 2021

Covid-19 forced many projects to be put on hold, and utilities are struggling to meet their financial goals. One way utilities hope to entice customers to restart their projects is by offering LED lighting rebates.
According to BriteSwitch, an estimated 74% of the country is participating in lighting rebate programs.
Here’s an example of some lighting rebates in 2021.

LED Lamp Rebates

LED lighting rebates for lamps haven’t changed from 2020, except for replacement lamps. The average rebate dropped 6% over last year.
Businesses serviced by ConEdison may be able to install LED lamps for around $0.50 per lamp with existing rebates. In the Northeast part of the United States, the cost is around $1.00 for each LED lamp with a rebate.

LED Fixture Rebates

Lighting control rebates for LED fixtures have changed from 2020 to 2021. Rebates for troffers are down, while track and accent lighting rewards rose 30%.
LED fixture rebates are higher than ones for replacement lamps, and it’s something you want to pay attention to. Some rebate programs have cost caps.

Lighting Control Rebates

BriteSwitch reports three programs offering incentives for networked lighting controls (NLC), Currently, only 35% of the rebate programs specifically mention NLCs. Other rebates list NLCs under custom lighting. If you don’t request the rebate, you may miss out.


To learn more about networked lighting controls (NLC), we have an entire series dedicated to catching you up to speed on lighting controls and what you need to look for when considering them.

Impact of DLC 5.0 Changes on LED Lighting Rebates

March 1, 2021, LED products must meet the new Design Lights Consortium requirements to qualify for rebates.
Solid-State Lighting (SSL) focuses on user comfort and satisfaction as a requirement under V5.0. New requirements for SSL under V5.1 are set for release later in 2021.
You may notice that some V4.4 products are no longer listed. These products do not meet the new standards and do not receive the DLC certification that’s necessary to claim or redeem an LED lighting rebate.
Most products are still listed and DLC certified, close to 80%, ensuring you still have plenty of options when you’re upgrading to LED lighting.
When you’re checking for listed products, make sure you know if it is considered a DLC standard or DLC premium. Some LED lighting rebates offer more for DLC premium products.
To make it easier for you to select products that are part of a rebate program, the DLC has a handy tool that will help.

For those who would like a lighting specialist to review their LED selections and handle their lighting rebates, Action Services Group can help. Our lighting experts can walk you through the entire LED retrofit process, and our project management team can facilitate your entire project. To schedule a call, click the button below.  


Finding the Best Lighting Rebates in 2021

LED lighting rebates have changed since 2020. Some rebates have decreased, while others have grown. Products have also been removed or switched to a different category by the DLC, making it harder to know what your rebate will be.
We have dedicated lighting professionals waiting to answer all of your LED retrofit questions, call 610-558-9773 or email info@actionservicesgroup.com for assistance.


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