LED Lights Offer Potential Solution To Chronic Bycatch Problem in Alaska Fisheries

Unwanted fish and other sea creature can be a thorn in most fishermen’s side, when looking for a specific catch while on the water. However, underwater LED lights have proven to be extremely helpful.  

“Ten underwater LED lights can be configured to light up different parts  of the fishing gear with six different colors, intensity and flash rates to  attract, repel or guide fish through the gear while retaining the target  catches,” said Dan Watson, CEO and co-founder of SafetyNet  Technologies based in the U.K., which provides its Pisces light system to  fisheries around the globe. 

These LED allow fishermen to navigate certain fish in or out of the  nets or  even keep them away. This was discovered due to research started due to  fish reacting to someone shining a flashlight into their tank.  

Click here to read the full article posted on August 16th, 2021 on Anchorage Daily News. 

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