LED Warehouse Lighting

Choosing LED Warehouse Lighting for your facility can be a difficult job. There is a seemingly infinite number of products to choose from, and lots of factors to evaluate in your own facility before selecting the lighting. In today’s article, we will look at 4 different types of light, to help you narrow the search for the correct product. So let’s get started:

LED Warehouse Lighting Products

  1. High Bay Fixtures LED Warehouse Lighting: are often used in warehouse settings that have ceilings approximately 25 ft and higher. They are used to light both horizontal and vertical working planes and can be used with a variety of reflectors. Typically, high bay lighting fixtures have used fluorescent bulbs or metal halide bulbs in the past. While these types of industrial lighting have their advantages, LED high bay fixtures will outperform fluorescents and metal halides in important ways.
  2. Low Bay Fixtures LED Warehouse Lighting: are used in warehouses and other commercial facilities where both ceilings and mounting height are lower. High bay lights are not appropriate in these buildings because they may not distribute light properly. Like high bays, low bay lighting fixtures also typically use metal halide and fluorescent bulbs…but both are quickly losing ground to LED warehouse lighting fixtures.
  3. Linear Strip LED Warehouse Lighting: are a great fit for large places like department stores or grocery stores. Some of their benefits include a smaller footprint and a cleaner look. When you consider LED strip lights for commercial spaces, there is also a smaller energy footprint as well. Historically, T12 and T8 light fixtures have been used when industrial strip lighting is required or desired.
  4. Recessed Troffer LED Warehouse Lighting: come in three standard sizes 1’ x 4’, 2’ x 2’, and 2’ x 4’. Conventional Troffer fixtures often include T12 and/or T8 Fluorescent lamps, ranging from 2-4 lamps per fixture. They can be surface mounted, pendant mounted, or chain-hung. LED Troffer solutions can consist of new LED fixtures, or LED Linear Tube retrofits, with the best option depending on existing operating conditions. Troffer applications exist in a variety of Warehouse and Industrial buildings and facilities. Whether you choose recessed or surface-mounted depends on ceiling fit and desired light performance.

Additional Considerations for LED Warehouse Lighting

Depending on your industry, a commercial space may be humid, or it may be exposed to rain, ice, and other types of moisture. If not properly mitigated, these environments can lead to rust, corrosion, and other types of damage over time. Many brands offer industrial lighting fixtures that are specifically created to keep bulbs intact and properly functioning.


In conclusion, we can see that selecting the proper LED warehouse lighting takes due diligence and a thorough understanding of your facilities’ factors. If you still have questions about finding the proper lighting after reading this blog post, reach out to us here at Action Services Group. We would be happy to put together a free no-obligation quote for your organization. We look forward to hearing from you. Call 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or you can schedule a call by clicking the button below.  

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