Lighting Control Technology is Not Being Taken Advantage of Yet

Indoor lighting controls are continuously advancing in their technology to make lighting more efficient than ever. However, the Department of Energy estimates that over half of commercial buildings and over 90% of industrial buildings do not take advantage of lighting control systems and the benefits that they have to offer consumers. As of 2017, these buildings lack any other lighting technology beyond an on/off switch to control the lights. Lighting companies have begun a new process to endorse the new types of lighting technology and how they can promote it to consumers.

Not all businesses and industries are aware of the energy saving that come with using lighting control technology. These technologies include motion sensors and dimming. These controls can be used in centralized areas of facilities or throughout an entire building. The DOE estimated that only 4% of indoor LED lighting is managed through lighting controls. Other than energy savings, lighting control systems can help save money on usage and maintenance along with space utilization, wayfinding, and emergency assistance.

If more businesses and building owners adopt the lighting control systems, the results would be better for the environment with the amount of energy saving that would occur. These businesses and industries would also save money on their utilities by decreasing the energy being used throughout the facilities. If lighting control companies manage to reach their target audiences and promote the benefits, then more companies will be able to advance their technology meanwhile doing good for the environment.


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