Managing a Multi-Unit LED Lighting Retrofit Project with a Limited Time Frame

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Often times multi-unit building owners have the need to hire an LED retrofit company to retrofit their interior or exterior lighting in a specific time frame. For organizations with numerous facilities that are geographically dispersed this can become a real logistical challenge. Especially if the time-frame needs to be expedited. Finding an LED retrofit company/partner with the capabilities to acquire the product, install the lighting, and help with the rebate process is critical to a successful lighting retrofit project. Below we will look at the key metrics to evaluate when undertaking a project of this scale to find the right LED retrofit company.

What Should You Expect from an LED Retrofit Company?

Performing the Due Diligence

When beginning the process of a LED retrofit, it’s imperative to think through the components of the project. Starting with higher-level items like:

  • What is the best lighting solution?
  • How many locations will need to be retrofitted?
  • Where are all these facilities located?
  • How many lights at each location?
  • What type of lighting do I need? (i.e: wall pack, fluorescent, parking and area lighting etc…)
  • What is the time-frame required for the project?

In addition to the high-level questions, thinking through more granular items is also necessary.

  • What is the existing lighting wattage?
  • What are the fixture heights?
  • How are the fixtures mounted?

Compiling this data on the front-end is a critical component to ensuring a successful outcome for all your locations.

Line Indent for Read More InfoDepending upon your current lighting fixtures, we are sure you have more questions geared towards your specific fixture type. Our Lighting and LED Product Education Center has in-depth views of your lighting fixtures. We answer questions like: common issues, application options, savings solutions, free resources, and more. Our education center is a good first step to learn more about your potential savings with an LED Retrofit Company.

Vetting A Potential LED Retrofit Company

In addition to all the project details, vetting the merits of a potential lighting partner is also very important. Some key questions to ask are:

  • Product Acquisition: Where does the potential partner get their LED lighting products? If the partner is getting the product from a lighting distributor will you be restricted in the brand of product that you purchase?
  • Product Quality – Does the LED retrofit company have access to high-quality product options that will give the light distribution you’re looking for? What is the product warranty? Additionally, will the products have an Energy Star and DLC certification necessary for a rebate on the project?
  • Inventory Concerns: If the project needs to be completed in a condensed time-frame will the lighting partner have access to adequate inventory necessary to complete the installation in the desired time-frame?
  • Installation Network – Does the LED retrofit company have the network of lighting contractors in the vicinity of your locations? Do they have the right equipment? Do they have the personnel to complete the project in time if there are numerous locations in their area?
  • Rebate Support – Does the LED retrofit company have the ability to support your organization in gaining access to the necessary rebates to make the LED retrofit project affordable?

Each lighting project has its own unique set of challenges and requirements. Potential LED retrofit companies/partners who understand these subtleties and offer solutions around these issues make for the best partners. This is in stark contrast to the LED retrofit company who is more product-focused and trying to shoehorn their product into any and all retrofit projects.

LED Retrofit Company Resources

Finally, success comes down to resource positioning and capabilities. Typically, a “self-performing” LED retrofit company would not have the resources to accommodate an installation of this type or be positioned throughout the customer’s footprint. A national service and project management company is not limited by the number of trucks, bucket truck reach, or technicians. The potential partner with a large resource base can react quicker and position both its technician and equipment throughout the customer’s footprint to both manage and coordinate much more effectively in a multi-unit large role out. If you have questions regarding an LED Retrofit, please contact Action Services Group’s lighting specialists today, by calling 610-558-9773, email or schedule a call.


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