New Program to Reinvent the U.S. Electrical Grid

The Biden Administration is putting forth a new initiative to lead the country to a greener future. This initiative proposes to upgrade the electric grid across the country. The Build a Better Grid program firstly will make the electric grid more resilient to extreme weather. In recent wildfires, many areas lost their electric due to the burning of their neighborhoods and forests. Secondly, the infrastructures are outdated and will modernize grids. It is estimated that 70 percent of grids haven’t been replaced in 25 years. This will offer software updates to fight cyber attacks and well needed hardware upgrades.

These new initiatives will improve energy usage and help make advancements for the president’s goals to lead in climate change objectives.

The Department of Energy is making more investments in how they can continue the regulate the new energy grids so they can be more energy efficient, save on maintenance costs and increase performance throughout the higher demand for electricity. There is an over $20 million budget for the renovations of the electrical grids. Click here to read the full story originally posted on NextGov


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