Reasons Why Temperature Checks Are Effective

There are only so many ways to help keep your workplace safe when returning to work. The new Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosk is one way to keep your employees, customers, and visitors safe. 

Our temperature check kiosk uses thermal imaging to take individual’s temperatures as they walk into a building. While doing that, it can also check whether the individuals are wearing a mask before entering the building. The Kiosk allows for designated personnel to be alerted if the kiosk registers something out of the norm. There are many reasons why having one is very effective and offers a solid first line of defense against multiple forms of illness 

Benefits from Temperature Kiosk 

While the readings give you a person’s temperature, that doesn’t necessarily stop the virus from entering the building. There are those who are carriers of the virus and are asymptomatic so they wouldn’t display a fever.  

While our temperature check kiosks can’t tell you if someone has the coronavirus, and if they are not running a temperature the temp check won’t register a warningBut our temperature check kiosks do have a mask feature. The CDC has recommended that all people under the age of 2, wear a mask in public to limit the spread of the coronavirus. With our temperature check kiosk, you will know if anyone enters your facility and is NOT wearing a mask, effectively closing the gap on the spread of the virus by asymptomatic carriers.

 To learn more about our Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosk and its different features read our blog, Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosk: Making Your Business Safer

The Different Type of Temperature Checks 

There are a ton of different methods for temperature checks. One that has been the most popular thus far is the simplest form. Most places, including doctor offices and workplaces, are using a handheld forehead thermometer. This is something most places opted for when Covid-19 first hit, and things started to open again.  

There are other ways, however, that are more sanitary and will save you time and moneyOur Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosk is a safe and sanitary way to do the same thing and more. This is a contactless way to take individual’s temperatures and check if they are wearing masks.  

As an added money-saving bonus, with our temperature kiosk, you no longer have to designate staff to operate your temperature checks. Plus, our temperature kiosk can be integrated with your systems and offers: 

  • E-mail notifications 
  • Live stream preview 
  • Temperature logs 
  • Time clock functionality 
  • Access control capabilities 
  • People counter 
  • Customized configurations 

Did you know we offer 3 different Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosks? The different temperature kiosks offer the ability to scan 1, 4, or up to 10 people at one time. You can learn more here

Doing What is Best for Your Workplace 

Ultimately you must decide what you think is best for your building and what will comply with your state’s guidelines. Our Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosk is a wonderful option to help you maintain a safe and healthy workplace for you, your workers, and customers.  

Our experts at Action Services Group can walk you through our Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosk. Contact us today by calling 800-223-0982 or email! 

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