Respiratory Health – The Long-Term Approach

When the Coronavirus hit in early 2020, the first recommendation from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention was to wear masks, social distance, and limit gatherings. All the experts on viral spread agreed viruses like COVID-19 thrive indoors and are easily spread from people in close proximity. This has been our lives for almost two years now and we need to focus on respiratory health and a long-term solution.

There are a lot of people who point to events like the Super Bowl at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa and larger concerts that have occurred with low viral spread. So, why are these locations different? Because all of them have happened in open-air venues, and that makes all of the difference.

In the latest article from Roger Silveira of We Need Fresh Air, Silveira walks us through the open-air method as a long-term game plan for ventilation, respiratory health, and bringing fresh air into our facilities. He offers research data gathered from past viral outbreaks that back the open-air method. We have all see short-term solutions to patch these long-term problems, now we need to look at our end game and make some much-needed upgrades to our ventilation systems.

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