See the Results When You Choose the Right Solution for Your Exterior LED Lighting Retrofit

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One often-overlooked metric not given enough consideration when planning an exterior lighting retrofit is lighting performance. In today’s blog post we are going to show you the lighting results when you choose the right Exterior LED Lighting solution to achieve your desired results.

Exterior LED Lighting Solution

Too often LED retrofit product decisions are driven by price and not lighting performance. There should be three key drivers when one takes on a retrofit project of which you need to prioritize.

  • Energy Savings
  • Lighting Performance
  • Maintenance Savings

When deciding your priority of the three key drivers, that decision tends to influence the price. In an environment where consumer safety and having a well-lit parking area is important, lighting performance would be the key priority driver. Many times sales representative are trying to sell you a product, or a specific brand they represent when they should be finding out what is important to you. What are the reasons why you’re considering an exterior lighting LED retrofit? What is your biggest pain point? Finally, what are the results you are needing or expecting? In one of our previous blogs, we discuss how and what you should consider when purchasing your LED products.

Before and After an Exterior LED Lighting Solution

In our before and after photo comparison, this was a national retail chain that had less than one (1) average foot candles illuminating their parking area with five (5) 175-watt wall packs and three (3) 400-watt parking lot fixtures. The challenge was to better illuminate the storefront area, parking area, and entrance. We replaced the existing lighting with five (5) 57-watt LED forward throw wall packs, and three (3) 150-watt parking area lights. A Before and After Example of a Exterior LED Retrofit - in Blog Image The lighting performance results were an improvement from less than 1 average foot candle to a 3.03 average foot-candle. Additionally, the customer reduced their lighting consumption by more than 60%, and had a 20-month ROI. As you can see the retailer has a much better-illuminated parking area, and a safer environment for their customers.


It is important to understand the importance of lighting performance when you are considering an exterior LED lighting retrofit. Determine the priority of your key three drivers and build your solution around those priorities. We here at Action Services Group provide a full turn-key LED lighting retrofit solution that helps you select the right product that meets your priorities for a successful retrofit. Call 610-558-9773, email [email protected] or schedule a call to discuss your Turn-Key Exterior LED Lighting Retrofit options.


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