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Using signage to advertise a business isn’t new. The ancient Greeks, Babylonians, Egyptians, and more cultures used signs to attract customers. Signs are an effective way to promote a business, announce sales, and garner attention. However, you want to pay attention to how your signage is employed. You don’t want your store signage to be an afterthought.
If you are new to using signage in your retail store, this guide will walk you through the basics.

What is Store Signage?

Store signage is a type of graphic display that advertises your business. It includes digital displays, LEDs, neon, and more. It doesn’t matter if the sign is inside or outside the business, it almost always serves as a brand reminder and advertisement.
Signs come in all sizes and shapes, and 60% of businesses using signage report an increase in sales.

The Purpose of Signage in Retail Stores

Retail store signage serves three primary purposes. The signs advertise, attract customers, and guide consumers into your store.


Billboards are the most common type of outdoor signage. The large signs are hard to miss, over 82% of consumers report seeing billboards around their town.
Vehicle wraps are another type of advertising signage. Buildings can also be used for store signage.
Your signage also plays a role in how consumers view your brand. You can use your signage to advertise products and sales. Your logo on the sign can create a last impression that encourages repeat customers.

Attract Customers

Did you know an estimated 61% of consumers didn’t visit a business because they can’t find its location? Your signage lets consumers know they are at the right business. A high-quality sign for retail stores can also make a great first impression.

Serve as a Guide

Retail store signage not only lets customers know they’re at the right business, but it can also guide consumers through your shop. Signs for departments, restrooms, and other places can help consumers feel comfortable in your retail store.

Benefits of Using Signage for Retail

Retail stores can take advantage of multiple benefits by using signage that includes the following.

Affordable Advertising

Signs are an affordable way to advertise your business. An outdoor sign lets customers know your business exists and is ready to meet their needs.
A well-placed sign can help distinguish your business from others on the block. Signage ensures customers can find your business.

Easy Communication

Signage isn’t only used for outdoor advertising, it’s also an effective way of communicating with customers inside your store.
You can use signs to help guide customers and encourage impulse buys. Signage can also direct consumers to products. Signs can advertise sales, and even influence customers’ shopping behaviors.

Boost Sales

Did you know that store signage can boost sales? A well-placed sign with information helpful to consumers can increase sales by around 10%.
Using digital signage to advertise sales or products can see an increase of around 29.5% according to research.

Line Indent for Read More InfoThe sentence above probably caught your attention. There are major benefits to digital signage, and we have an entire blog that takes a deep dive into these benefits. You can read our latest digital signage blog here.

Types of Signage for Retail

There are six types of signage commonly used by retail stores. Here’s a quick look at each type.

Digital Signs

Digital signage allows businesses to manage the content. They can change the sign daily or let the same message run for an extended period.
Changing the messaging is also easy. You can edit the sign’s messaging onsite or from the cloud. Digital signage makes it easy to customize your content. These types of signs also garner up to 400% more views than traditional advertising.

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor retail store signage should be visible to drivers and walkers. The sign advertises your brick-and-mortar location and lets consumers know they are at the right business.
Examples of outdoor signs include,

Regardless of the type of outdoor sign, you want it to accurately reflect your brand.

Informational Signs

There are a few types of informational signs, but all make it easier for consumers to navigate your retail store. These signs can be directional, departmental, wayfinding, or organizational, and they all provide information to your customers.
A good tip is to keep the sign’s message short and on-point. You want your customers to be able to get the information from your sign with a glance.

Sign Services_Call to Action

Persuasive Signs

These types of signs advertise sales and products. They can also boost brand awareness. The signs allow you to communicate with customers and increase sales.
Something to remember is your persuasive sign shouldn’t be the focal point. You only want the signage to draw attention to your products.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Sings

All businesses, unless exempt through a grandfather clause, must accommodate all consumers. It means wheelchair-accessible entrances and exits, along with parking and restrooms.
Having signs indicating your business is easily accessible for everyone can help make consumers feel welcome at your retail store.


Did you know mats can be a type of sign? Mats are versatile and a great way to get your branding message across.
Mats can also help make employees and consumers more comfortable. Ergonomic mats can help relieve some of the stress people experience standing on a hard floor.

Line Indent for Read More InfoThere are a lot of different types of signs, and many of them need to be installed. As a national sign services company, we highly recommend using a professional when installing signage, especially if it involves lighting and electrical.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Store Signage

To get the most out of your investment you want to employ the following tips.

  • Use narrowcasting with your customized sign. It means only including the specific details you want to impart to your customers. For example, a sale or store location.
  • Keep the sign’s message simple. Try to follow the five-second rule. It shouldn’t take consumers longer than five seconds to read your retail store’s sign.
  • Use headline text to keep the sign’s message simple.
  • Include a call to action phrase on the sign.

You may also want to illuminate the sign, and LED technology is a great way to ensure your signage stands out.

Signage for Retail Stores with Action Services Group

A lot of thought goes into creating and installing the ideal signage for retail stores, and thankfully there are services that can help. If you are ready to install signage to advertise your retail store, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more by calling 610-558-9773, email, or schedule a call. We look forward to hearing from you.


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