Simultaneous EV Charging – What You Need to Know

DC chargers come with two charging ports, so does this mean simultaneous charging? It does for some EV chargers but not all. Your DC fast charging station may come with two ports but for some chargers only one is operable at a time. The other port shuts down since all of the available power is going to the one in use.

There are a few DC chargers that allow for simultaneous charging. Power can flow to one or both ports, making these stations convenient for owners and drivers. EV drivers don’t have to wait for an open charging unit, they can just pull up and share one with an open port.

Simultaneous EV chargers work similarly to gas pumps. But how do they work and how much power is your electric vehicle receiving?

What’s Inside DC Fast Chargers?

All DC chargers come with a power module. It’s the power box that controls the flow to the charging handles. Depending on the charger, it will have single or multiple modules inside.

Single Module

Single module chargers do not support simultaneous EV charging. There is one module that provides power to a single port. It doesn’t matter if the charger comes with dual ports, power will only flow to one.

So why do single module chargers have two ports? This is so drivers have more options on how they pull up to the station.

Multiple Modules

When EV fast charging is a priority, you want a station with multiple modules. These chargers come with a module for each port, allowing for simultaneous charging. All of the available power is initially sent to the single port in use. As more drivers pull up and plug in, the power is divided between the ports.

For example, if you have a 120W EV fast charging station with two vehicles plugged in, each port will receive 60kW of power.

EV Fast ChargerOur Exceed DC Fast Chargers boast multiple modules and support simultaneous charging at 20% faster charging speeds. They are also built with a 950 volt internal structure allowing newer EV models 800 volt charging.

Is it Simultaneous or Sequential Charging?

If the charging station has multiple modules for the ports, it is simultaneous charging. The power is divided between the ports allowing more than one driver to charge their electric vehicle.

Can EV Chargers Have an Odd Number of Modules?

Some charging stations have a flexible architecture that allows owners to add another module. For example, you may have four models inside and want to add one more. If the station allows, you’ll have three modules on one side and two on the other.

Adding another module can allow for more power to flow through the port. If you started with a 120W charger before adding the module, now there’s enough for more powerful vehicles like the Porsche Taycan or the Mustang Mach-e. Both electric vehicles can handle 150W, and drivers appreciate the faster charging times.

It is important to note that not every electric vehicle can handle 150W. Some models like the Chevy Bolt can only accept 50kW. It’s something to consider when you are adding power modules to your charging stations.

Simultaneous EV Charging with Action Services Group

DC fast charging stations owners want to offer simultaneous charging. It allows a single station to function as two EV chargers. Adding modules to compatible stations is both space and cost-effective. A charger with two ports takes up less space, and you are essentially getting two DC fast charging stations for the price of one!

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