Study: IAQ and Office Workers Cognitive Function

Most of us have heard that poor IAQ or indoor air quality can have cognitive effects on school children. But have you heard the whisperings of the detrimental cognitive effects on office workers? I this buried Environmental Health Perspective study from 2016, we see some truly troubling findings.  

Indoor air quality plays a critical role in our overall health, because of the amount of time we spend indoors (90%). With the continued pressures for sustainable building design and green strategies, we have seen a reemergence in questioning specific factors leading to the health of those who frequent these buildings.  

In this study, they simulated indoor environmental quality conditions for “Green” and “Conventional” buildings and evaluated the impact on higher-order cognitive function.  

The study found some shocking results, one being an average 61% higher cognitive score for office working in a “Green” facility.   This number is so high we did a few double takes and then dove down into the study to learn more.  

To read the full study click here. The study was published on June 1, 2016 by Environmental Health Perspectives 

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