The Benefits of UV-C Germicidal Lighting for Restaurants

A single outbreak of contagion can not only destroy a restaurant’s reputation; it can lead to permanently closing the business itself. That being said, the use of UV lighting may help minimize any potential chance of such an issue occurring. How? Keep reading to find out, as the experts here at Action Services Group explains how UV-C germicidal lighting can benefit restaurants.

5 Major Benefits of UV Lighting for Restaurants

There have been countless studies on the effects of UV lighting in different types of settings. But what are the benefits of UV lighting for restaurants in specific? Let’s examine the 5 best reasons for restaurants to install UV fixtures throughout their facilities.

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Sanitize Food Contact Surfaces

Within a restaurant, it is essential to keep all surfaces that may come into direct contact with food, sanitized. Unfortunately, failure to do so is one of the most common violations a restaurant may receive when being inspected. UV lighting for restaurants can complement contact surface cleaning efforts and maximize sanitation. Manual cleaning contact surfaces can be hard, inconsistent, and infrequent. After all, no two people clean the same, even when given the same strict protocols. Furthermore, with different types of foods, surfaces, and potential bacteria – there are a plethora of different cleaning agents that may be required and can lead to confusion. Using UV-C germicidal lighting can ensure that all surfaces are fully cleaned efficiently.

Combat Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew can shut a restaurant down. One of the most common places for mold and mildew to occur in a restaurant is inside of the walk-in freezer. Despite popular belief, however, humidity control within a walk-in freezer cannot combat all forms of mold or mildew and can actually help exacerbate the situation. In addition to this, taking the time to thoroughly clean a walk-in once mold or mildew has been discovered can be costly, time-consuming, and can even lead to a temporary shut down by health inspectors. UV-C light is a great way to fight off mold and mildew within a walk-in freezer. Not only is it safe for food, it has a proven track record when it comes to killing even the most dangerous types of mold and mildew. (In fact, food processing plants have been employing the use of UV-C lighting in their walk-ins for decades!)

Disinfect Equipment

Surfaces that come into contact with food are not the only ones that can transmit illnesses within a restaurant. Equipment surfaces, such as ordering screens and POS devices, can also lead to health code violations and potential health outbreaks. Portable UV-C germicidal lighting for restaurants can ensure these devices are disinfected quickly and easily. For example, portable UV-C lighting could be placed over the POS devices after closing for a specific amount of time to eliminate bacteria without harming the electronic itself. UV lighting can also be installed into ordering kiosks themselves and operated while the devices are not in use to ensure immediate cleaning of ordering screen.

Automatic Bathroom Disinfection

Restaurant bathrooms are extremely hard to keep clean. In fact, one study found that within an hour of sanitizing, the microbes found in a restaurant’s bathroom had already recolonized. This means that within an hour of cleaning, a restaurant’s bathroom is already a potential health hazard to staff and customers who use it. UV-C lighting installed in a bathroom can be connected directly to sensors that detect whether the space is occupied or not. Once the bathroom is unoccupied for a certain amount of time, the UV fixture will turn on and sanitize the entire area. It can also be connected to a controlled lighting system and automatically turned on after hours for full sanitation over an extended period of time.

Reduce the Use of Chemicals

Chemicals, whether toxic or non-toxic, are still potential hazards. Plus microorganisms can also develop immunities to them as well. Not to state the obvious, but UV-C lighting is chemical-free. While manual cleaning methods should still be used, UV lighting has been proven to kill up to 99% of all microorganisms. Unlike manual cleaning methods, which may just smear chemical-resistant bacteria around, UV light can reduce, if not eliminate, all microorganisms that are exposed to it.

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UV Lighting for Restaurants with Action Services Group

The benefits of UV lighting for restaurants are great. From maximizing sterilization of all surfaces to ensuring bathrooms are thoroughly disinfected throughout service hours, UV lighting can eliminate the risk of health outbreaks that may shut your restaurant down. If you would like to learn more about how UV lighting can help keep your restaurant sanitized and disinfected, contact Action Services Group today by calling 610-558-9773 or email [email protected]. Website Button - Schedule A Call

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