The Best Location for Your Temperature Check Kiosk

With the winter months arriving and flu season beginning, it is important now more than ever that workplaces have a temperature check kiosk in their building. The importance of keeping track of your employees’ health is important. Taking the extra steps to protect employees is a main concern for workplaces across the U.S. and world, and one of the first step towards that goal is having your temperature check in a good place. 

Making it a Gatekeeper 

Having your temperature check kiosk as the gatekeeper of your workplace stops those with symptoms from entering your workplace. With having this before employees or customers enter the building, it will help from an outbreak from happening within the workplaces. This allows not only for those who have a fever to be turned away but also those who don’t necessarily pass the Covid surveys. It also lets those who have already entered the building stay safe.  

Keeping the temperature check as a gatekeeper for the workplace allows your staff to stay safe from outside individuals. Our Safe Scan Temperature Check will send notifications to someone in the office if someone fails their check. This will allow them no not have to explain why they didn’t come into the building which means less interactions between that individuals.  

To learn more about our Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosk and how it is a good gatekeeper read our blog, Are Temperature Checks a Good Gatekeeper for the Workplace. 

Temperature Check Lobby Helper 

Your next best option would be to have your temperature check kiosk in the lobby of the building. While it doesn’t necessarily stop the virus from entering the building, it still can help stop the spread. Containing individuals to one room before they interact with other allows for the virus to be less of a risk.  Individuals will have to check in like they normally would at a building but instead of with another individual it would be with the Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosk It allows less interactions to happen between others. 

Having it in the lobby of a building makes it easier for individuals to realize the kiosk is there. It allows you to put more signs around and will stop them before they walk to the offices.  

Did you know we offer 3 different Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosks? The different temperature kiosks offer the ability to scan 1, 4, or up to 10 people at one time. You can learn more here. 

Having One for Your Building 

Having this for your building is not only important but in some place mandatory. With new regulations coming out as the flu season begins and the risk of a second wave increases, it is important to stay up to date on these regulations.  You can find your state regulations here 

Our experts at Action Services Group can walk you through our Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosk. Contact us today by calling 800-223-0982 or email!   

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