The Cost Of Waiting To Convert To LED

You know converting to LED lighting lowers energy use and costs. LED lighting uses significantly less energy, around 90 percent, than standard halogen and incandescent lamps. Most of your savings come from the lightings’ energy-efficient properties but waiting to convert your LED fixtures could be costing more than you know.

Lower Costs by Converting to Energy Efficient Lighting

Do you know how much electricity your current lighting fixtures use? There’s a simple formula that gives you the answer.

Multiply the total lighting watts by the number of hours they’re in operation. Here’s an example.

If you have 100 fixtures using 35-watt lamps in operation 14 hours a day for 31 days, the formula to find the total used amount of electricity is; 3,500 watts x 434/1,000 = 1,519 kWh of energy. Depending on the building’s size, it may not seem like over usage until you see the electric bill.

Did you know we have an eBook dedicated to calculating your energy savings and ROI on any lighting project? In this e-book, you’ll find step-by-step guides for calculating energy savings. There are several aspects to consider, but we’ll guide you through each of them. You can download the eBook for free, here. Or click the button below.

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How Much is Your Energy Usage Costing the Company?

You know how much energy your traditional fixtures use, but what about the cost? There’s a quick and easy way you can calculate your estimated utility bill.

The national average cost for a kWh of energy is $0.12. Yours maybe a little less or more, but this will give you a general idea.

Multiply the number of kWh you use each month by $0.12 (the national average per kWh) and you know how much the company is paying each month using non-energy efficient lighting.

HVAC Costs

Waiting to convert to LED lighting can rack up HVAC costs. Your system has to work harder to keep the facility at a comfortable temperate when you’re not using energy-efficient lighting.

Halogen and incandescent lamps produce more heat than LED lights, meaning you’re paying more in cooling bills. Older HVAC systems may also have problems keeping up with the heat from the light fixtures. You may be spending money on repairs that are unnecessary with LED efficiency lamps.

You probably want to calculate your HVAC costs and compare your current lighting vs LED lighting. Well you are in luck, we have an entire blog, with formulas, dedicated to calculating your HVAC energy savings in an LED retrofit


Maintenance and Material Costs

Traditional lamps have shorter lifespans than LED lighting. Depending on how many hours the lights are on, you may be changing 20 to 30 lamps a month. The replacement costs quickly add up.

Most LED lighting has a five-year lifespan, meaning you won’t have to replace the lamps as often. You also have to factor in employee time and possibly equipment rental costs. You may need to rent a lift or bucket truck to reach some of the fixtures. These are expenses you can cut out by retrofitting the building with energy-efficient lighting.

Great news! We have 2 blogs to help you calculate your Labor and Materials savings. We suggest reviewing, LED Lamp Life: Calculating Your Maintenance Savings in a Lighting Project Part 1, and Labor Savings: Calculating Your Maintenance Savings In A Lighting Project Part 2.


The Soft Cost of Waiting to Convert to LED

Retrofitting your old lighting with LED is a commitment. If you have a large building the cost can be scary, but so are your rising energy bills.

You also want to consider the soft cost of waiting to convert to LED. Consumers are more conscious about environmental issues, including energy waste. Converting to energy-efficient lighting shows your customers you are as concerned about the planet as they are.

LED lamps also emit a softer, cooler light that can impact shoppers’ experience in your store. Customers are more likely to stay and browse, and this can lead to an increase in sales. A growing profit margin, along with electricity savings, can offset the cost of your lighting retrograde.

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