The Healthy Indoors live show with guest IAQ expert, Jesse Coiro from Erlab

Bob Krell host of Healthy Indoor Live recently had Jesse Coiro Director of Growth & Strategic Initiatives for Erlab on his show to discuss effective solutions for improving indoor air quality. Action Services Group is the national supplier and installer of the Erlab Halo Air Purification System which is a tool to use to get rid of allergens, dust particles, and viruses from the air. Erlab has been in the air quality business for 50 years and with the pandemic last year, they knew they had the technology to help keep air clean for office buildings and labs without a costly upgrade to HVAC.  

The Halo has been in Erlab’s portfolio since 2014 but they recently branched out of  having them for just laboratory environments and into all buildings due to the  pandemic. Coiro specifically talked about how the system has help schools with  reopening and sticking to CDC guidelines.  

Coiro went into detail about the molecular aspect of the air purification system and how  it is an effective solution for improving indoor air quality (IAQ). He talked about how  allowing outside air in can affect your indoor air quality, especially in places  like California due to the wild fires and air pollution.  

The show also covered real-life testing done on the system. Erlabs tested 8 units in a  shoe warehouse in Los Angeles that was 186,000 cubic feet. They went into the testing  expecting a baseline reduction of 20 to 30% but the results were actually a reduction of  80% which exceeded all expectations due to the size and volume of air needing to be  purified.  

The show continued on to talk about other topics related to Covid-19 and Erlab over all. 

Click here to watch the whole video posted on May 12th, 2021 on Erlab.  

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