Trust the Science, Know the Dangers – Air Filtration Product Review

Building owners looking to mitigate the dangers of aerosolized viral transmission may feel overwhelmed by the variety of products. Everything from air filters and ionizers to UV-C air and surface disinfectants all promises 99.9% efficiency.  

It seems like a winning situation no matter which product you chose, but you may only be getting a false sense of security. When you purchase any of these products you believe you are improving building safety, but are you? Here’s a closer look at the available products and their effectiveness.  

Understand Product Limitations 

No product comes with a complete guarantee. If it does, you are probably being scammed. Product marketing is designed to catch your eye and make you feel good about improving indoor air quality. Not all air filtration products use this gimmick, but a few do including,  

  1. Floor standing Air Purification Systems 
  2. MERV-13 HVAC Filters 
  3. UVC and UVX – Ultraviolet light 

These products are 99.9% effective in controlled laboratory settings. It’s where product testing is performed. However, it’s impossible to recreate these exact conditions in your facility. Windows, doors, employees, and visitors coming and going all disrupt any sterile conditions.  

Using UVC and UVX Light  

Your organization could be utilizing a potentially dangerous product, depending on the type of UV light and fixture you are using to render Covid-19 particles inactive. The light can damage skin and eyes when used at the intensity necessary to make a difference in Covid-19 airborne transmission rates.  

The claim that adding UV light to an HVAC system kills particles before they reach the air is also a false statement. The World Health Organization (WHO) notes that it takes the UV light up to 8 minutes to render a Covid-19 particle inactive. These systems works fine in a small, controlled area but not in a large multi room facility. 

We have an extensive UV-C disinfection lighting feed dedicated to informing the public about the benefits and dangers of germicidal UV disinfection. If your organization is considering UV for this purpose, we highly suggest review this content as well as speaking with a specialist on the subject. You can schedule a call with one of the Action Services Group UV lighting specialists by clicking the button below.   Website Button - Schedule A Call

Using MERV 13 Filters in an HVAC System 

The Center for Disease Control (CDC), along with the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Condition Engineers (ASHRAE) recommends increasing ventilation and retrofitting the HVAC system with MERV 13 filters.  

It can reduce airborne particles in some situations, but it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Weather, including humidity, plays a factor. Letting in humid, moist air can result in new problems like mildew and mold. In a worst-case scenario, you may end of with sick building syndrome (SBS).  

Using MERK 13 filters, and opening doors and windows can result in a domino effect decreasing indoor air quality.  

  1. Static or resistance pressure is increased in the HVAC system.  
  2. The amount of airflow being delivered decreases.  
  3. The interruption in airflow can slow the fan down causing the cooling coils to freeze up.  
  4. Increasing the fan speed can prevent problems with frozen cooling coils, but it can also allow more particles to escape into the air.  

The CDC and ASHRAE also recommend leaving the HVAC system always running, but businesses have to deal with the cost of increased energy consumption.  

Using Floor Standing Air Purification Systems 

Quick and easy to install, floor standing air purification systems are popular in office settings. The filtration systems do improve air circulation with one problem. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends filters that do not blow air from one person directly onto another person. Unfortunately, most floor standing air purification units do exactly this. Droplets that contain viruses, like Covid 19, can be easily spread and the floor standing models grant you better air circulation without the filtration.  

Another problem with floor standing air purifiers is the size. They are not capable of removing all airborne particles in a large or mid-size area. The machines are designed for use in small spaces used by a single person.  

Look at Using the Halo HEPA Air Filtration System 

A ceiling or wall -mounted air filtration system using HEPA filters can significantly improve indoor air quality. Lab and non-controlled tests show that when installed properly the system can meet EN1822 air quality standards reducing particles by 99.995%.  

In a 3,000 cu room, exposure to potentially harmful particles decreased by 99%. Particle size also decreased from 3 microns to 0.3 microns.  

Using a ceiling-mounted air filtration system like the Halo Air Purification Units allows for maximum efficiency. Airflow is maximized with optimal filtration and is moves in a pattern that keeps air with pathogens away from employees and visitors. It is highly recommended that you work with a professional to determine which system is best for your facility. The experts with Action Services Group can help.   

Contact Action Services Group today to learn more about the Halo air purification system and how indoor air quality can help keep occupants safe. Call 610-558-9773 or email [email protected], you can alsoschedule a call by clicking the button below.   Website Button - Schedule A Call

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