Updated COVID-19 Operating Guidance Includes New Indoor Air-Quality Best Practice

The National Restaurant Association and its team of ServSafe food safety experts and recommendations from the CDC, FDA, EPA, OSHA and ASHRAE, issued an updated version of the COVID-19 Operating Guidance to help the restaurant industry continue to operate safely and efficiently during the pandemic. 

Key updates include: 

  • New protocols for maintenance of HVAC and air-circulation systems. 
  • Information on portable air cleaners—also known as air purifiers—that could be helpful when operations can’t ventilate with outdoor air without compromising indoor comfort, or when air pollution is high. 
  • The proper PPE to wear when changing air filters 
  • Food safety best practices for (employee-served) cafeteria-style foodservice. 
  • Additional information on addressing employee personal hygiene and health, such as what to do in the event an employee is exposed to COVID-19 or they test positive. 

Click here to read the full article and learn more, posted on December 18th, 2020 on Restaurant Business. 

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