What to Look for in a Commercial Air Purification System for your School

As schools are starting to reopen, indoor air quality has become a main concern. To keep students, staff, and visitors healthy, good ventilation is a priority. The best way to improve air quality is with a commercial air purification system for your school.

What is Commercial Air Purification for Schools?

A commercial grade air purification system uses HEPA filters to remove airborne particles and pathogens. It is an effective way to improve indoor air quality. Some systems can utilize UV disinfecting lights, but for school purposes you should look for an air purification system that utilizes medical-grade HEPA filters. A medical-grade HEPA filter will trap even the tiniest of airborne particles.

Features to Look for in an Air Purification System

Air purification in schools is vital for the health and mental capabilities of students, teachers, and staff. Below, the experts with Action Services Group share the features you want in a commercial air purification system for your school.

Medical-Grade Filtration

Medical-grade HEPA filters are a step above standard HEPA filters that trap 99.97% of airborne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. HEPA filters that are designed for medical use trap even small particles, ensuring the air is free from mold, allergens, bacteria, and pathogens.

The Halo air purification system uses only the top of the line medical-grade HEPA filters, to ensure the air you breathe is pollutant free. You can find out more about our filters here.  

Durable and Long-Lasting

It’s important the air purifier doesn’t break down during class. Commercial air purification systems are built from the ground up using durable parts that can withstand daily use for prolonged periods. Schools can depend on the device throughout the year.

Air Quality Sensors

It’s not easy to manually measure air quality. There are a lot of factors to consider. Air temperature and humidity levels are only a few. Using the Halo commercial air purification system in schools takes the guesswork out of evaluating indoor air quality.

Ease of Use

Whether it’s at school or a public building, you don’t want a commercial air purification system that’s difficult to use. Teachers have more important things to do than constantly adjust the air purifier. The Halo commercial air purification system runs 24/7 and needs no adjustments from teachers or staff, making is a breeze to operate.

With the Halo air purification system, you school will experience 24/7 clean indoor air. The Halo comes with a 3 year warranty with no costly HVAC installations. To schedule a call with one of our indoor air specialists, click the button below. Website Button - Schedule A Call

There is NO One-Size Fits All Purifier

The room’s measurements determine the number of air purifier needed. Larger offices and gymnasiums will need additional devices than say a small classroom. If your commercial air purification company says there is a one size fits all air purifier, you may want to keep looking. The best air purification companies are going to adjust the number of air purifiers needed based on the volume of air in a specific room. Your purification system should filter a specific rooms air 4 times an hour.

The Importance of Air Purification for Schools

Good air quality in schools and commercial buildings is important for several reasons. Focus and performance at work and school are improved, and the number of absentees decreases. Air purification is also vital for everyone’s health. Medical-grade HEPA filters in air purification systems trap over 99% of airborne particles, including pathogens that cause viruses like Covid-19. Air purification systems for schools won’t completely stop people from contracting a virus, but they will help prevent pathogens from spreading throughout the building. It’s the simplest way to improve everyone’s health. To speak to an Action Services Group indoor air quality specialist, call 610-558-9773 or email [email protected]. You can also schedule a call by clicking the button below. Website Button - Schedule A Call

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“We are thrilled with our new air purification system and our whole organization can rest easier knowing our buildings indoor air quality is 99.995% filtered of all pollutants. The installation crew was quick, professional, and they cleaned up after themselves. Thank you, Action Services group!”  Director of Human Resources – Transitional Care and Rehabilitation Center