Why Are People Buying Countertop Sneeze Guards?

The world today is a lot more concerned with preventative health than it was yesterday. This is largely due to the current epidemic, known as COVID-19. While we do not know everything about the way COVID-19 spreads, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued several warnings related to the communal nature of this disease.

How COVID-19 Spreads

COVID-19 spreads from person-to-person. Most often, contagions are passed when individuals are within 6 feet of each other. Coughing and sneezing, which introduces potentially contaminated respiratory droplets into the air, is one of the main ways COVID-19 is being spread. (When these droplets are inhaled, they settle into the lungs of a passerby and are likely to result in contamination.) Unlike some illnesses, individuals are believed to be most contagious when they are at their sickest. However, some individuals may be contagious even before their symptoms have fully developed.

The Importance of Personal Sneeze Guards

A sneeze guard, also known as a shield, is a barrier, typically made of plexiglass or acrylic, that prevent respiratory droplets from coming into contact with the individual or item behind it. When most people picture a sneeze guard, they imagine those most often found at a buffet. COVID-19 has led to the use of sneeze guards for more than food. Depending on your sector, a countertop sneeze guard or desktop shield may provide your employees and customers with the protection they need.

Countertop Sneeze Guards

Countertop sneeze guards can be found at almost every grocery store checkout today. Protecting both the cashier and customer from exchanging respiratory droplets, a countertop guard can either be install or be a portable unit and provides safety to all. A countertop sneeze guard should not impede the exchange of money, bagging of items, or other essential check out processes. To request a Portable Countertop Sneeze Guard Quote, please fill out our request form, found here!

Desktop Sneeze Guards

Checkout lines are not the only places where people come into contact with potentially infectious individuals. Doctors’ offices, libraries, town halls, police stations, and generally all other services, remain open in many states or will soon be opening back up. Because of the private nature of these professions, many interactions occur on a one-on-one basis. Desktop sneeze guards, then, become important. Portable, easy to set up, and simple – a desktop shield ensures proper protection of parties on either side of the desk while still allowing for a personal and professional atmosphere. To request a Portable Desktop Sneeze Guard Quote, please fill out our request form, found here! As COVID-19 continues to affect our daily lives, countertop and desktop sneeze guards continue to rise in popularity. With that being said, it is likely that the importance of these personal sneeze guards will remain essential even after COVID-19 is over. After all, these items will continue to help prevent the spread of illnesses and diseases that can affect both customers and personnel.

Action Services Group Can Help

If you are considering investing in a personal sneeze guard, Action Services Group can help. We understand how serious this disease is and have been working diligently to coordinate protective measures for clients all over the country. For more information on our portable countertop sneeze guards and desktop sneeze guards, please call Action Services Group at 610-558-9773 or email [email protected] or schedule a call.

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“Our main workspace consists of over 50 cubicles of varying heights and sizes with multiple wall levels. The Action Services Group workplace safety team sat down with my personnel and custom designed cubicle extenders that offered maximum protection for our staff. I don’t know how we would have pulled this off without them!” Director of Operations – Information Systems Architecture Company