Why Temperature Checks are the New Normal

Everywhere you go now, employees, at the very least, are getting their temperature checked before starting their shifts for the day. It is a protocol that most places are doing because it is required by the state, like in New Jersey, or because it is recommended. Temperature checks are becoming and now are the new normal. 

What is the Purpose of Temperature Checks? 

While we already have a blog about the reasons why temperature checks are effective, there actual purpose of temperature checks is still important to discuss. The main purpose is to stop an outbreak from happening inside your building. A lot of places are now having anyone that walks into the building have their temperature taken to stop the virus from entering the building.  

With the winter months coming and our typical flu season upon us, it is important now more than ever that we take precautions. Having a temperature check for your building will help with keeping an outbreak from starting from your building.  

To learn more about our Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosk and how it is a good gatekeeper read our blog, Are Temperature Checks a Good Gatekeeper for the Workplace. 

Our New Normal 

Something that most people have been calling this era of life, is the term “new normal.” The new normal that most people think of is just wearing masks but there’s much more than that. Mask, barriers, and temperature checks are all apart of our new normal. While we might not want it to be our new normal, it is what life has become due to this pandemic. 

We need to keep checking temperatures as a part of our new normal. With the symptoms of Covid-19 being so specific, especially with the high fever that comes with catching the virus. With our Safe Scan Temperature check kiosks, they allow you to check off two of the things that are our new normal, checking for mask and checking temperatures.  

Did you know we offer 3 different Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosks? The different temperature kiosks offer the ability to scan 1, 4, or up to 10 people at one time. You can learn more here 

But Why? 

 Some people are still confused about why these things are our new normal. There are plenty of reasons, one being keeping not only others safe from the virus but also you safe as well. It keeps the potential of an outbreak happening in the building you’re entering or own, to a minimum. While it might not completely keep it from happening, it will help keep the number of cases in the workplace and your building to a minimum.  

While we know this won’t 100% keep the virus controlled in your building, it is one of the safest protocols for you to have. Temperature checks are something that allows you to check for a fever of someone who could possibly have Covid but only if done right.  

Our experts at Action Services Group can walk you through our Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosk. Contact us today by calling 800-223-0982 or email info@actionservicesgroup.com 

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