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Providing an Exceptional Customer Experience


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Customer Centric

Customer Centric

Emergency Service

Emergency Service

Proprietary Software

Proprietary Software

At Action Services Group, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional customer experience. Above all, we believe in treating everyone with honesty and respect. Likewise, we follow through with a strong work ethic and results.


Firstly, we have forged a company that places the customer and their needs first.

  • Combining our understanding of our customers’ service needs
  • Clear communication designed to keep our customers informed
  • Customer-centric mindset
  • We have forged a company that places the customer and their needs first


Secondly, we are NOT a one-size-fits-all organization. First, our knowledgeable staff tailors our services to your specific needs. Second, we offer the bandwidth needed to excel in short term ramp-ups and swift project completion.

On-Time Deliverables

Thirdly, whether your organization is looking for;

Likewise, Action Services Group specializes in on-time deliverables for a safe and productive working environment.

Emergency Services

Furthermore, we wanted to take our customer experience to the next level. As a result, we designed our emergency services to offer peace-of-mind to our customers. Therefore, our staff is available 24/7/365. Lastly, we can be on-site within 4 hours to service any emergency call.

Family Owned with Over 25 Years Experience

Action Services Group is a family-owned business with over 25 years of experience in the Lighting, LED Retrofit, Electrical, and Signage industries. In short, we treat our customers as part of the family; your success is our success.

ServicePoint Solutions

In an effort to provide our customers with the best service feasible, we designed ServicePoint Solutions. As a result, our proprietary management software acts as a focal point for connecting people, processes, and technology. ServicePoint Solutions was created to manage customer programs and projects. To clarify, it also serves as a repository for their lighting component data. In conclusion, no longer will a service technician show up without the appropriate equipment or product, forcing a return trip. Subsequently, by hosting all your project, program, product, and service data in one place, we can simplify your purchasing, installation, maintenance, and rebate processes. This process saves you time and money.

To start your exceptional customer experience, contact our sales team today, or visit our My Challenge Is page to get started.

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